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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
I could really use a prompt. I'm trying to write some short and sweet InuKai and all the ideas I have are either for long complex things or are just not working.

I feel sad and frustrated because I haven't written them in so long. And I have a couple of WIPs that would be about the right size. But they feel, I don't know, stagnant or boring.

So, if you have a minute, hit me with something and maybe I'll get a spark.

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I'm writing a side story to Cables because I can't focus on Kite/Tezuka for my intense TakaFuji lust.

The whole gang is going to be at Yumiko's engagement party, but Inui and Kaidoh are not. Where are they, Hal? Help me to help you.

You are just making me want to write TakaFuji too. Not that that's a *bad* thing, necessarily.

Time for Koharu to be lurking in the background and making inappropriate remarks...?

I'd like to see Koharu square off with Mizuki!

trips to the burger joint and "I'm not drinking that, Sempai"

I know JUST how you feel. ;-; *has two long things and just had an idea for another long thing last night* I suppose our minds are just complicated. ^_^

I know! I feel like I lost my fluff groove.

dfkjghalskdjgh I just realized how odd that must seem. But really, it's an idea with legs. Could lead to hurt/comfort, or Inui giving Kaidoh an orange, or... Vitamin C songfic...

I think you should have InuKai watch Oofuri together.

Hee! And Kaidoh secretly thinks Tajima is hot.

Last night my girlfriend inadvertently gave me an idea for a Prince of Tennis/Phoenix Wright crossover. Or maybe it was the night before. Gay lawyers (or, well, gay future lawyers) in tennis shorts! I wonder which tennis boy will grow up to be a gay lawyer? (Or, heck, a straight one. There is a lack of heterosexual lawyers in that game.)

Hee! Everything is better with tennis shorts.

I have a million cliches in my head and will share

Inui decides he needs to make his special drinks actually nice-tasting to ordinary humans... or at least the tennis team. This leads to fluffy, fluffy hijinks as Kaidoh(?) is drafted as a taster and the scientific method is applied to cooking.

Re: I have a million cliches in my head and will share

I love how Inui is always so hurt when people diss his juice even when he makes it as a punishment.

Kaidoh (or Inui) gets an injury that puts him out of commission for the rest of the season.

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