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The King is Coming.

kestrelsan is hosting a v. important poll on what Sam will do once he becomes the Anti-Christ. Kest, what happened to the plan where you were going to be the Anti-Christ and Sam was going to be the Anti-Claus and I was going to leech off your riches and power?

I personally feel that being the Anti-Christ would be too much work, but if I were, among my many acts would be to produce a Japanese version of Supernatural where Sam and Dean are played by whichever JE boys are the flavour of the week and John is played by Tsuda Kenjiro. It would straddle the line between drama and toku and oh, it would be glorious. Also, Horio is in it. I will entertain casting suggestions in comments.


That song -- The King is Coming -- always makes me think of Charlton Heston. (By which I mean, I heard it recently when I was unable to get out of attending a religious function. Not that I spend all my free time listening to the Gaither Vocal Band.) All my favourite movies of his are either post-apocolyptic or religious and I can't help thinking that one day he will appear in glory to save us all. I supose that whichever of us really becomes the Anti-Christ will have to do battle with him before the end. And I'll be hoping Chuck will win.


What kind of small, protein rich things do you like to take along in your packed lunch? I'm trying to branch out a bit. Currently:

- hard cooked eggs (and, yay!, my last peeling session went so much better)
- plain high-fat yogurt with a few berries added
- cottage cheese
- cheddar
- almonds, though I'm off them for a bit since I can't seem to eat them in moderation

I like to eat all day long (it's sort of a hobby), so I bring lots of small things, rather than one large lunch item.


In other news, it turns out I don't have writer's block. I'm just lazy.
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