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You can call me Hal.

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The King is Coming.
oh dean
kestrelsan is hosting a v. important poll on what Sam will do once he becomes the Anti-Christ. Kest, what happened to the plan where you were going to be the Anti-Christ and Sam was going to be the Anti-Claus and I was going to leech off your riches and power?

I personally feel that being the Anti-Christ would be too much work, but if I were, among my many acts would be to produce a Japanese version of Supernatural where Sam and Dean are played by whichever JE boys are the flavour of the week and John is played by Tsuda Kenjiro. It would straddle the line between drama and toku and oh, it would be glorious. Also, Horio is in it. I will entertain casting suggestions in comments.


That song -- The King is Coming -- always makes me think of Charlton Heston. (By which I mean, I heard it recently when I was unable to get out of attending a religious function. Not that I spend all my free time listening to the Gaither Vocal Band.) All my favourite movies of his are either post-apocolyptic or religious and I can't help thinking that one day he will appear in glory to save us all. I supose that whichever of us really becomes the Anti-Christ will have to do battle with him before the end. And I'll be hoping Chuck will win.


What kind of small, protein rich things do you like to take along in your packed lunch? I'm trying to branch out a bit. Currently:

- hard cooked eggs (and, yay!, my last peeling session went so much better)
- plain high-fat yogurt with a few berries added
- cottage cheese
- cheddar
- almonds, though I'm off them for a bit since I can't seem to eat them in moderation

I like to eat all day long (it's sort of a hobby), so I bring lots of small things, rather than one large lunch item.


In other news, it turns out I don't have writer's block. I'm just lazy.

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Small, protein rich items

I like all kinds of nuts -- why not branch out? Same thing with cheeses. A little variety goes a long way. Havarti is a snacking favorite in our house.

Plain yogurt is also good with vegetables, like tomatoes or cucumbers, and you can use it as salad dressing.

Edamame are wonderfully portable, high-protein nuggets of goodness. You can buy them pre-cooked at a lot of stores, but I think they taste better if you buy 'em raw and steam 'em yourself. It only takes a few minutes and you can do a lot of them at once.

In the realm of meat, you could try beef or turkey jerky.

Re: Small, protein rich items

I don't like most nuts, actually. We usually keep Gouda and Havarti on tap at home -- I like them too. I've mostly been taking cheddar since I eat it with the almonds -- that is, both in the same bite -- and it's just so amazing I can't say. Hence my over-indulgence.

I should buy some cucumber -- good thought. I haven't had any for a while and it's pretty much the only raw vegetable I like.

I shall give the edamame a try!

In the realm of meat

This is a great phrase. And there is a Corner Gas episode about turkey jerky.

Re: Small, protein rich items

We've just started S2 of Corner Gas -- P. remains in mad love with it. I have more fun watching him watch it than watching it myself. (: So yeah, we'll be looking out for the turkey jerky episode.

Mmm, edamame. ::wants::

I vote Nagase Tomoya for Dean:

Re snacks: Edamame is really yummy and proteinful. I usually eat it steamed with kosher salt, but I have seen it dry roasted, too.

Hummus! Although that would necessitate something with probably too many carbs in, for dipping. Alternatively you can just eat chickpeas by themselves. They have one of the highest protein levels of any plant! I've been meaning to try this recipe that involved rinsing a can of chickpeas, letting them dry off a bit, and then shaking them in a plastic bag along with... well, whatever spices you like, I guess? I think I was meaning to try it with garlic powder or cilantro or something.

Also have heard that quinoa is good for protein, and have seen it sold in snack mixes with rice and such, in organic food stores.

i like horio better than you

The evolution of this tag is getting to be enough to fill a dissertation.

Damn, that's scruff-ful goodness right there.

I'll get some edamame next time I'm shopping and give it a try. It sounds tasty. Hummus I fear might be too garlicky for work consumption.

I think you're the only one who ever notices the tags.

String cheese sticks, or those little baby bell cheeses!

Single-serving cans of tuna!

Smoked salmon and cucumber slices and cream cheese!

Cottage cheese!

Turkey slices and mayo wrapped in lettuce leaves!

Celery and cream cheese or no-sugar peanut butter!

Baked parmesan cheese chips!

Cottage cheese with cinnamon!

Little meatballs on toothpicks!


Mmm, meatballs. There's a pasta place not far from work that sells them for 50c each. I should get some tomorrow.

I eat cottage cheese constantly. They look at me funny when I buy groceries because of it. :D

protein? lunch? define sanctuary?


Not that I spend all my free time listening to the Gaither Vocal Band.

I don't believe you.

You are a distrustful person.

I like protein. Lots of it. Also butter.

I am not a protein or carbs person.

I like raw veggies alot. and miso soup with sticky rice and kimchee.

Alas, I have no suggestions, but will be looting your post for them, because I don't eat enough protein. I like to EAT meat, but I don't like to cook it, so I need to be more creative and less lazy. (And I mean 'less lazy' as 'cook more of my own food and better stuff at my current level of cooking laziness instead of defaulting to processed food or stuff that's easy but not good for me' and not 'train myself to cook stuff that requires more than 20 minutes of prep time'.)

Cottage cheese is a good easy protein source. I don't much like to cook either, so I just snack constantly.

Kest, what happened to the plan where you were going to be the Anti-Christ and Sam was going to be the Anti-Claus and I was going to leech off your riches and power?

I'm just feeling out the waters! I mean, if everyone thought Sam would rain fire and destruction on the world, then a good bet is that they'd think I would, too. But apparently they all think he'd be a very good antichrist, so I can use that as a diversionary tactic. You can still leech off my riches and power.

(P.S. MD just got their ass kicked. *sad face*)

I look forward to my leechdom!

(That sucks.)

Happy Valentine's Day from Emily and Laura!

Aw, you guys are so sweet!

♥ ♥ ♥

Hmm, maybe rice & beans or a bean salad for protein?

Also, HA. I can hear it now: "Hey, kid, you sure you don't want to handle this? I mean, with your two years of demon fighting experience and all?"

I think Horio should be on every show. Everything is improved by his presence.

Thirding the edamame! Also, why don't you do something else with hard boiled eggs like make egg salad (with onions and mustard!) to spread on crackers?

I did see a recipe for egg butter which was basically mashed eggs and butter. That looked yummy. :D

among my many acts would be to produce a Japanese version of Supernatural

I am imagining flashback scenes where Sam calls Dean "niichan." Or maybe "oniichan" (is that even possible, I have so little memory of Japanese?). What would they call each other in Japanese??!! (Sammy--> Sammy-chan??? is Dean now Oniisan or Niisan??) Inquiring minds need to know!

Protein: (depends on if there's a fridge/microwave) cheese + crackers, cold cuts (plain or in sandwich), egg or tuna salad, pb&j sandwich, cold bacon, an avocado, I also love those cheap cup-of-soups and ramen that you add hot water to

This reminds me that I should spend more time thinking about SPN vs FMA.

It would be completely fascinating to know what they would call each other in Japanese. I've always wondered about that in Harry Potter.

Avacado is a good idea! I haven't had any in ages.

This reminds me that I should spend more time thinking about SPN vs FMA.

Totally in favor of this.

Also! I found this:
Suupaanachuraru: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cV5GtznrxI

Papachester=oyaji, alas no honorifics :(

I love avocado!

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