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You can call me Hal.

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Here at the end of all things.
kaidoh hufflepuff
Genius 379. I've only seen a few pages. But I have to say two things:

1. I'm not ready for the end! Not ready!

2. Kaidoh Kaoru - Discipline and Order. ♥♥♥ Oh, my baby, I knew it would be you! I can't even say how happy this makes me.

Also, Leap Day should totally be a stat.

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Do you want the entire Chinese scans for 379? I can link you!

I've got the raw now, so I'm hanging around MangaHelpers waiting for a translation.

I'm just not ready!

I"m not ready either!! God Konomi, don't take them away from me!!!

Also, Leap Day should totally be a stat. Huh?

How are ya btw? :D ♥

I just don't want the fandom to die. :(

I'm good, though still really exhausted too much of the time. It's annoying! But generally, happy and content. :)


I am too busy being amused by the TENNIS GANGSTERS. Wtf.

Does this mean Ryoma is going to go hopping from country to country now, beating up tennis bullies like a tiny tennis vigilante?

We should totally get off for Leap Day. It's like The Man is getting a free day of work from us.

Also, I had a dream last night where I said "I heart you" to Jensen Ackles. I think I should stop reading LJ for a few months.

So, my question is: Did he say it back?

Um, I think there might have been domestic breakfast-making and possibly some spooning, and okay, maybe it was the BEST DREAM EVER. But the I heart you thing? That was just freaking WEIRD. He was like, hahaha, crazy person, oh dear.

I'm kind of disturbed by myself right now.

we here in americas we plays the ghetto tennis. comprende?

as I informed Allison: this calls for fic. the one where Momo steals Kaidoh's buchou jacket to go do something lamely Momoish like impress koi fish in the pet store and gets hamburger grease stains all over it.

I agree about the fic. Will you or Allison be writing it? Will there be boykissing?

I don't write anymore. But there should be boykissing. Most definitely.

Oh, I've figured out the "stat" thing, nevermind.

Also, I forgot to congratulate you on Kaidoh's Buchou-ing!! (It is like a crowning, no? LOL) We totally knew he was the one with the chops :P

I was 75% certain it would be Kaidoh. Really, this was the only thing I was still in suspense about!

Well, I was ready for Nationals to end. But not having any new games to follow with the characters? That, I'm not ready for.

All hail Captain Kaidoh!

I know. :( Personally, I'd love a side-series about Fudomine next.

SO MUCH YES. I sure hitched my wagon to the right star.

(Deleted comment)
I think I'll be wibbly all weekend. At least we've got more OVAs to come!

I was all kinds of happy when they showed that little bit. *was worried he wouldn't show much after Nationals* Yaaaaay.

I know! And I'm sure Inui is calling him every day with advice. :D

It'd be even more perfect if we saw highschool!Inui visiting too. ^_____^

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, it was not the best series ending of all time. But Kaidoh-buchou makes up for a LOT. :)

Hopefully the OVA will start up again :D

*cross fingers*

I think it's due in May, maybe? Or was it March? Which is this month. Hmm. At any rate, we should have more of that to look forward to!

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