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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 379 & the End of Prince of Tennis
kaidoh kalos
Now I've seen the raw and read a scanlation and a few other translations and write-ups. I'm still not ready for it to be over, but I'm passing from denial into acceptance. More thoughts:

1. KAIDOH-BUCHOU!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
This was the only thing I was still in suspense about and I so won! Er, I mean Kaidoh won, of course. For the record, I think Momo would also have made a fine captain and I've written it both ways. But I think Kaidoh makes a prettier better captain. Also, I had suspected it would turn out this way ever since the 30.5 fanbook. There were some spreads of everyone in Seigaku that had Tezuka and Kaidoh standing side by side, with the same posture. Lo! I said, it is a sign.

2. WTF is up with the rushed ending? This is not the first time I've suspected that Konomi is really dead and his assistants are covering it up. Though more likely he's just tired of it. Or he got cancelled. Or was in a science-related accident that de-aged him to about 13.

3. I can't believe I didn't expect Ryoma to go back to the US. In retrospect, it seems so obvious. But so much fic is jossed and so much more is impossible. :(

4. I can't believe we didn't get to see Tezuka and Ryoma play another match! The anime got that right, at least.

5. Tezuka smiling: A+. Fuji teasing Tezuka about smiling: A++. Inui videotaping Tezuka's ass smiling: A++++++ WOULD BUY AGAIN.

6. Did I mention KAIDOH-BUCHOU?

7. Yukimura got shafted. Not because he lost but because we didn't get to see him grow while doing it. I really wanted so much more there.

8. WTF is up with the song story? Maybe Konomi's assistants were reading ff.n for ideas for the last chapter.

9. At least we didn't get Epilogued.

10. Inui and Kaidoh's love love kiss! YES IT HAPPENED SHUT UP LA LA LA LA LA

Nationals kind of sucked, didn't it? But I still love the canon and I still love the fandom and I still love KAIDOH-BUCHOU. My mate and I recently started re-watching the anime from the beginning and it still makes me smile so much. I've been having a lot of thoughts about the series as a whole which I will try to articulate next week. But for now:


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I am not recalling number 10. please remind me.

and you already know what I want from this ending.

Don't you remember? After the ceremony, Kaidoh pulls Inui behind a building and smooches the hell out of him. (The bandages are off at this point.) And then they buy a cat and move in together.

Keep poking Allison cause I want to read it too.

Kaidoh is pretty awesome. Even more as buchou.

But Sanada looked so...sad. Poor boo...&hearts

Remember back in the third anime episode when the Seigaku Regulars make their first appearence, striding onto the court in an intimdating fashion? Kaidoh is first of all, looking so scary and pretty. ♥

I felt badly for Sanada too. There should have been some follow-up about him and Yukimura, for sure.

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(Deleted comment)
I still can't believe Tezuka lost to Sanada, but in general I'm pretty happy with the results of the series. (And yeah, Kaidoh being Captain was something I was spectacularly happy with as well.)

Yeah, that was pretty WTF. But Kaidoh pretty much makes up for everything. :)

(Deleted comment)
It was completely bizarre. There's a reason the touching song montage is not generally used in printed media.

KAIDOH-BUCHOU. :))) I pretty much squeaked at that point. OH, THE LOVE.

4. <= totally agree. The ending in my head with a Tezuka/Ryôma rematch like 10 years later was way better than Konomi's.

The Kaidoh-buchou, Inui taping Tezuka's ass smile, and of course that awesome make-out scene drawn in the first Rikkai-era art style between Inui and Kaidoh totally made up for any (IN PRINT) song montages or rushed endings.

Man. I'm sad now. :( But kind of feeling a PoT fic pull which is always always good.

We waited long enough for that make-out scene.

Sad, yes, still sad. :(

4. I can't believe we didn't get to see Tezuka and Ryoma play another match! The anime got that right, at least.

I felt cheated... lol.

Kaidoh-buchou IS awesome though *__*
Even if I wanted to see Ryoma being in a team run by Kaidoh! ♥
Hopefully fic writers will give it to me >D

I guess Ryoma could always transfer back suddenly. :) Mmm, RyoKai.

(Deleted comment)
Not everything turned out as I would have liked, but that was pretty much the best thing that could have happened, from my perspective. :)


This calls for fic. :) I want like, a Kaidoh-buchou fic exchange man.

There should so be a Kaidoh-buchou challenge!

I'm even more happy about the explosion of Kaidoh(-buchou) love on my flist. ^o^

Re: #10 - because Kaidoh so dragged Inui away, back to the hospital and have his bandages finally removed.

Their love is so true, so very, very true. ♥


There wasn't any TezuRyo for poor lil' ole me (yeah, I wanted that because everyone KNOWS THIS PAIRING IS TRUTH AND BEAUTY), but it's okay. Kaidoh-buchou rocks my socks because I have love in my heart for the little sweet viper XDDDD


I know! I missed the TezuRyo too.

Didn't you get the pages with the InuKai make-out spread? :D

2. Is just love. I'd go for the science experiment.

4. Agreed.

5 That totally rocked! Though for a moment I thought it was some ancient stalker mummy from Egypt come to haunt Tezuka.


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