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I've been spending a lot of my spare time working on my website transition from Movable Type to WordPress. Not the fun stuff, though, just the oh-so-tedious data entry. It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so anal about having every story dated correctly and the ratings saved as a separate field in the database. But I am. It's at times like this that I wish I wrote three long stories a year instead of one million drabbles. So far, I've finished 2007-2005 and I'm working on 2004.

It's fun to go back and review, though. Stuff I forgot about (there's one Meine Liebe story!), stuff that makes me smile (32 InuKai stories entered so far), stuff that makes me cringe (never mind). This Harry/Ron snippet especially made me grin. So, here it is, in lieu of new content.


Harry was already awake when he heard the bang. He turned over and found Ron setting a cup down on the bedside table. "Brought you some tea," Ron said and grinned.

"You shouldn't be here," Harry said.

"It's all right." Ron sat on the edge of the bed and ran his hand up Harry's arm and over his chest. "She doesn't know I've gone. She thinks I'm in the bath."

"But--" Harry was cut off when Ron leaned down and kissed him. And then Harry forgot what he was going to say, forgot himself, and kissed Ron back, arms around his neck and body arching up against him. Harry could never get enough of Ron. One more taste, one more touch, one more minute. Never enough. He stroked Ron's face as Ron sat up. He caught at Ron's shoulders.

"Your breath is foul," Ron said. He kissed Harry once more, a quick buss across the mouth. "Clean your teeth for Thursday, all right?" Another bang and then he was gone, empty air in Harry's arms. Harry rubbed his hand over his mouth. It was a long time until Thursday.

The bedroom door opened. "You ought to have your plumbing seen to," Draco said. "It's knocking." He picked up the cup and took a drink. "Don't you have any coffee?"
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