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You can call me Hal.

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Ohhhh this made me smile so huge. Thank you. <3

I just re-watched this episode tonight. It's one of my favorite moments between them, but then I say that about every moment between them. :)

(Deleted comment)
Tezuka is always awkward. But he stands so still most people don't notice it. :D

The 'come give daddy some sugar' one makes me happier.


Okiayu was SO CUTE in the flesh. I thought of Tezuka the other day and the irrational surge of hate didn't flare up. I'm cured.

Good thing I didn't lead with the Tezuka/Oishi cap.

Every anime I watch, I wait for Okiayu to show up and talk sexy for me. And usually he does. ♥

TezuRyo YES...Speaking of which, did you happen to see this?

Ooh, I missed that somehow! I do remember Catch and Release from last time around, though. ♥

*smiles* That's a cute cap.

I love that icon so much. The boys are so pretty and Kaidoh is almost smiling.



Loving them FOREVER.


We just rewatched 25-26 and I was filled once more with the sheer intense rightness that is this pairing.

You know how Tezuka tells Ryoma about the match and tosses him that tennis ball and then later Ryoma has the tennis ball in the bath with him? A few episodes previously, there's a brief shot of Tezuka sitting in the club room, thoughtfully squeezing a tennis ball.

I think it's the same one.

What hits me about this shot is how young Tezuka looks, like, he is normally huge/20 thousand years old and in this one he watches Ryoma and touches his arm and. *_* AMAZING. of course this could just be due to inconsistent animation.

From the back he's almost human, isn't he? :)

Hello. What a lovely post and comments. I was lamenting the lack of PoT and especially Tezuryo on my f-list today, so I thought I'd rectify that by adding you. Lovely yes thank you.

The TezuRyo always comes out when I re-watch the anime -- it's so closely tied to the canon (anime more than manga) for me. I'm so glad to hear you love them too. :)

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