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You know those days when you're so sleepy that you go to Starbucks and order a venti dark with extra shots and then you give it to somebody and watch them drink it and then you eat their brains?

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Happens to me all the time.

Next time I'm going to try it with a mocha.

Starbucks and brains give me a stomachache.

It's raining outside. I give myself five more minutes before I'm unconscious.

Some people are brains-intolerant, sadly.

I should be in bed but instead I'm reading message board threads from 2004 on how to eat low-carb on the cheap.

Are you watching Shaun of the Dead?

No, the brains have worn off and I'm too sleepy to watch a movie.

yes. yes I do. I think I had that moment yesterday.

I kept crashing into stuff today. A sure sign of brains-deficiency.

I think I'm banned from that Starbucks now. :(

Possibly one of your weirder posts. (:

I less than three you, sweetheart.

That's really saying something!

And I you. :)

A propos of nothing, would you be willing/able to assist me with an IE coding issue I'm having?

If you're still having trouble, I could take a look. I can't really test on IE right now; I'm at home and my iMac display is out. But I might be able to give you some ideas.

Anything you could do would be really helpful. I'll send to your pro address, okay?

(Deleted comment)
It's hard to get enough protein otherwise.

Yes, as a matter of fact.

I knew it wasn't just me.

Sometimes we just have to indulge ourselves.

No, yes, caffeine is always better second-hand. Delicious, hopped-up brains.

I know I should be having my brains plain, but some days I just can't function without the caffeine.

Sounds familiar. I think I read it in a fic, once.

That is to say, ♥. Although, this is probably the third LJ notification that you've received from me today, on top of the email. So you may not be feeling the love back.

I think I'm up to two LJ notifications and two emails to you today, so I guess we're about even. *g*

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