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You can call me Hal.

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Doctor Who: Partners in Crime
men seldom make passes
I should really have written up my Torchwood finale thoughts before I watched the BSG premiere. I should really have written up my BSG premiere thoughts before I watched the Doctor Who premiere. Too much TV this weekend!

That. Was. Awesome.

The music! So Looney Tunes throughout, beautifully frantic, and all the business at Adipose was so perfectly choreographed, everything happening at just the right moment. Beautiful. Like John Cleese silly walking in Live at the Hollywood Bowl, it almost brings tears to my eyes.

The little fat creatures were darling, like a cross between penguins and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Doctor, you are lovely. Donna, you are hot and so much fun. I want to see your hats!

Of course, I can't help but think that if they hadn't interfered, all that would have happened is that a bunch of people would have lost weight. It didn't seem like it was hurting them at all.

But Rose? What the frack? I was completely shocked.

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Cutest aliens ever! They were so adorable diving out of cat flaps and sliding down cars, I half expected them to reveal razor-sharp teeth and eat someone's face.

DONNA! "This is all your fault!!"

SHOW. ♥ ♥

(Deleted comment)
Donna was entirely made of win. Catherine Tate is freaking awesome.

I was surprised at the lack of face eating as well. But glad, in the end, that it did not appear.

Can't wait til next ep!

I want a fat baby.

Mate believes Rose is part of an alternate TW. I believe that Rose is purposely looking for the Doctor and is using something similar to the key that her "father" from the alternate world was using before she closed the opening.

Rose and Ten never really worked together for me; I don't want to see her back. Bah.

You know I love Daleks better than babies.

I... I think I'm gonna cry now. I missed it coz my stupid brother wouldn't stop playing Zelda. AAAAGH.
But it sounds like so much win. Do you know where I can watch it online, if such a thing is even possible?

Ack, I'm late to this reply. Did you find a way to see the ep? I don't know about watching it online, but if you have Bittorrent, you can get the episode from mininova.org.

No, I didn't unfortunately. I don't have bittorrent either. Ah well. I'm sure it'll be repeated sometime. :D
Don'#t worry about the late reply.

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