Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Things that make me happy:
  • the picture of ickle Wesley Crusher on my Star Trek page-a-day calendar
  • my friend's enthusiasm over watching through Buffy for the first time
  • the cool, cool barristas at my daily coffee place
  • Dukes of Hazzard Viewmaster reels
  • The Cinnamon Peeler by Michael Ondaatje
  • my furry, near-bald scalp
  • This legal document about the word "fuck". Best phrase: the Fuck family
  • a cool tract my boss gave me (as a joke) entitled Eternal Punishment For The Wicked
  • Racer X
  • All the nifty people on LJ
Things to look forward to:
  • the Prisoner of Azkaban movie
  • reading and watching all the Stargate recs kind people have given me
  • going to the pub tonight
  • my new glasses
  • watching Castle in the Sky
  • sitting on the balcony after the sun has gone down
  • more Sharpe books
  • visiting friends in the fall
  • B5 S3 DVDs
  • the long weekend coming up
  • and most of all, Peter Pan
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