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Goodbye, Charlton Heston

I was not ready for this day to come.

Last summer, when my partner was away for a week, I had myself a Charlton Heston film festival: Omega Man, Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, Soylent Green, and, of course, Planet of the Apes. It hardly seemed like enough -- this year, I'll do it again, and watch El Cid and The Agony and the Ecstasy and whatever else I can track down.

He's iconic, he's larger than life, he's the voice of God and the last man alive. And, like I said before, I can't help thinking that one day he will appear in glory to save us all.

I'll be waiting.

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The Greatest Show on Earth, one of my favorite movies EVER : (

Another one I haven't yet seen -- I'll be looking forward to it.

I always thought that if they did a film version of Kon Tiki he'd make a perfect Thor Heyerdahl. *hugs*

Oh no. :(

I always watch The Ten Commandments when it comes on.

He was 84 with Alzheimer's, so I shouldn't be sad it was his time to go. But yet I am.

It wouldn't matter how old he was. When people like Charlton Heston die, it just feels weird. That's how I felt when Jack Palance died. I was mopey for days.

That's true. Last time I felt like this was Johnny Cash.

And he had the best legs. I so loved that his movies could be both epic and beefcake.

He really did. I'm glad he did so many roles where we got to see them.

I'm a dork, 'cause I loved him best playing Captain Haynes in Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232.

Tower: Sir, you are cleared to land on any runway.
Charlton Heston: You want to be particular in making a runway?


That sounds like about the best thing ever. I hope I can find it for the next film festival.

If he did appear, I wouldn't be in the least surprised. :)

Always watch the skies!

El Cid has it,just,over Ben Hur.The history seems to be correct,and the production values were gorgeous.He did a film with Orson Welles,Touch Of Evil,(I think),with a very opressive atmosphere,Will Penny as an itinerant cowboy,sad,and The Warlord,with Hollywood Medieval scenery,but I liked it.
Can't think of a replacement for him.

Sounds excellent! He will be greatly missed.

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