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You can call me Hal.

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Doctor Who: Fires of Pompei
men seldom make passes
In the words of the great Cicero: Caecilius est pater. Metella est mater. Quintus est filius. Okay, really those were the words of the Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 1, where we followed the lives of a Pompeian family, which were generally unexciting, until the end of the unit, when Vesuvius began erupting and multi in flammis peribant.

I thought about them when I saw the preview for this week's episode. I didn't expect to actually see them in this week's episode. *geek love*

Otherwise, no deep thoughts. Episode = fabulous.

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You got to fic Pompeii to learn Latin? How cool is that???

No fic, but the little stories in the course were pretty fun. We were using it in uni but it was really meant for middle school. I remember our prof reading us a bit from her teacher's guide about how to deal with our distress when all the characters died tragically. (Except Quintus, who escaped to Briton and had further adventures in Bath.)

Excellent -- could you please tell me the name of the text? My son should learn Latin, and he's just going into Middle School. :-D

(Deleted comment)

Oh, duh... Hal said the same, though I guess I thought she went to Cambridge and took the course when I read it. *facepalms*

Edited at 2008-04-15 01:28 am (UTC)

Seriously? *laughs*
I think I'm falling in love with this show even more, if that's possible.

It's more likely that they were both using the same historical source, I guess, but it was still really cool. :)

Basically, yeah, I thought it was all kinds of awesome.

I want that purple outfit that Donna had. Even if I'm not tall enough to pull it off.

I loved how deeply Donna felt for everyone, how we got to see a new side to her apart from the snark, but the snark was still there. And then...she pushed that lever down with him, elevating herself to the Best Companion Ever. Because she's the only one I've seen who takes the responsibility right along with him. That's just...::brain explodes::

I need a Donna icon now.

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