Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I chose plastic on Earth Day and other tales of my existence.

  1. I would like a t-shirt that says: I will fucking curse you and you will fucking die. But not enough to actually make one. And I'd never be able to bring myself to wear it.

  2. When I grow up, I want to be Donna Noble.

  3. Girlification Question 1: Is it possible for the hair on your legs to be too long to wax? Is it ever worthwhile to try to do the waxing yourself at home so that you don't have to let a stranger touch your body?

  4. Girlification Question 2: Is there a good way to minimize the appearance of grey hair without wrecking the rest of your hair? I have a bit of grey at my temples which will probably look lovely eventually but which currently is short and straggly and makes me look untidy whenever I pull my hair back. I've only ever coloured with Kool-Aid previously, which doesn't seem like the best option here.

  5. I have been pondering the best way to order coffee. When I go to my favourite coffee place, there are four atoms of information I have to give the counter person: size, roast, room for cream, to-go. It seems rare that anyone, unless they know me from repeated visits, can absorb all four of those at once. I've been wondering what the optimal order of atoms is and whether I should stick with two or three at first and then add the rest in a second sentence. (Let's not even get into places that have a size "medium" and a roast "medium".) What information do they need first, to give them a context for the rest of the information?

  6. I should probably be drinking less coffee.

  7. I am currently re-watching, with various people, Prince of Tennis, Bleach, and Supernatural. It's so much fun but I feel like I'm using up all my fannish squee in realspace, thus depriving the internet of my squee. (I'm sure you've noticed an overall drop in the amount of squee online.) Though maybe that's just because I'm lazy.

  8. But here's some squee after all: 8 MORE DAYS UNTIL SPEED RACER! I so cannot fucking wait. Even if it's bad, it will be good. I just hope Racer X is cool enough.

  9. Eventually there will be fic here again. My brain is back on track but I took on a freelance project to oblige a friend and so I haven't had the time to get anything down yet. Plus, writing is hard.

Tags: i like robots better than you
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