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You can call me Hal.

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The X-Files: I Want To Believe
* Thirty seconds of Skinner clasping Mulder to his chest in the snow. SO WORTH IT.

* Slow, slow crescendo -- too slow

* Gillian is beautiful

* I'm so over Scully's continual crises of faith

* I love it when people's heads get sewn onto different bodies but I'm a bit disturbed by the issues of gender and sexuality that raised

* "I wonder who that guy who looked like CKR was."

* Creepiest thing in the whole movie: the nuns in the final operating scene

* ♥ the cameos and references; if they hadn't, you know, killed off all the best characters on the show, they could have had even more cameos

* The movie wasn't great, but then I wasn't expecting it to be great so I had fun anyhow

* Skinner's shirt was white and crisp and he clasped Mulder to his chest in the snow

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I don't think anyone will be able to use my seat at the theater after that. I loved it. I need to own it now, and catch every frame, every injoke, every reference--OMG, Mulder's call list! OMG, Nutter's store?! Did you see CC? I could go on, I'm still reeling!

Skinner's shirt was white and crisp and he clasped Mulder to his chest in the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What more could I ask for?


I missed CC! Where was he?

Skinner's shirt was white and crisp and he clasped Mulder to his chest in the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!! x 1000000000

I feel like some serious old school slash right about now.

Hee! I was hoping you'd post; I have so few of the old-time XF fans left on my flist. I'm so glad someone other than me was filled with glee about the Mulder-clasping. :D (And yes to the issues of gender and sexuality, and that entirely odd toss-off thing about them being married and whatnot.)

It figures TXF would be what got me to break three months of LJ silence. *g*

God, I love fanservice. And Skinner. Always Skinner. I could have gone for some Skinner clasping Scully too.

(Deleted comment)
Hihihi! ♥

I was away too long! I'm glad you're still around.

I must see this movie. I'm having fits of nostalgia, here; XF was my second fandom. Like, ever. And I miss that.

and yes, i remember your fiction.

TXF was my first online fandom. I miss those days too. Also, Skinner is hot.

HAL ♥ ♥

Here I thought you'd eaten too much cheese.

LIL ♥♥

I think I just ate too much LJ. But now I am better.

I missed your birthday! *shame* I owe you, like, something.

I am drunk on whiskey (boo) and have no cheese on my salad, but HI! where the hell have you been?

I am eating a strawberry and watching the new OVAs. Not drunk, sadly.

I was learning to knit. But now I know how so I am back.


* Skinner's shirt was white and crisp and he clasped Mulder to his chest in the snow

Can. Not. Wait. OMG.

We started screaming and cheering when Skinner appeared at last -- and then cackled madly at the breast-clasping. They threw in something for everyone!

I was trying not to get my hopes up when he didn't appear earlier so there was much bouncing when he arrived. :) I've been assuming that Skinner and Scully worked out their joint Mulder-custody agreement on the ride down.


Meaning: I need to watch that movie NAO!!!

It's not a masterpiece but it was fun. :)

You saw it already! I did wonder.

Based on your review and destina's, I almost want to go myself. But instead, tonight P. and I are going to see an outdoor screening of The Breakfast Club in Dolores Park. (:

As early as we possibly could! Which did mean we were in a sparsely attended matinee; the 7PM show would have been a livelier crowd.

I want to see this movie. I have no idea when it`s coming out here, or if. Wah. T_T

:( I don't know how big a release it's getting.

The nuns are watching. The nuns are *always* watching.

It was interesting how sinister all the Catholic clergy were.

Haven't seen it yet - but OMG!!! Am very excited now!

It takes me back to those lovely M/Sk days!

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