Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Drama in real life

Vocal Trance Saved My Life!

It was a hot day at the office and the air was stifling. In the period between three and four o'clock -- commonly known as the Danger Zone -- a geek named Hal was trying to program.

She had been fighting the heat all day, with ice water, fans, and Slashdot. But her strength was beginning to fail.

"I was melting like a witch in water," Hal said. "I couldn't even remember the correct syntax for a ternary operator. But I had to get this site up and running."

Then Hal remembered something she'd seen somewhere on the internet: trance music can be kind of peppy. In desperation, she managed to open iTunes and find an internet radio station that played non-stop vocal trance.

"The music flowed into my headphones," Hal recalls. "At first I didn't notice anything, but soon I began to have more energy. My mind seemed to open and I found myself moving in my seat as I swiftly wrote page after page of bug-free code. Also, my ingrown toenail was cured.

"It was a complete turnaround. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I owe my life to vocal trance."

Trance has also been found to cure cancer in lab rats and restore old growth forests.


Also, here's my shaven head. Pet me.

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