Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Seduced and abandoned

The other day, I was reading thete1's new Brimstone story The Job and I got to wishing that they'd never cancelled that show.

And then I got to thinking about the shows I started to watch that got cancelled after a season or less. And I decided to write them all down so I could cry over them.

Brimstone - Ezekiel Stone, a dead cop, comes back from hell to hunt down 113 escaped evil souls. John Glover plays the Devil. I have some of this one on tape. (Actually, I have all the shows on this list on tape.) It was nicely dark and gritty, but sometimes a little quiet since Zeke didn't have a sidekick. Lori Petty was on sometimes.

Harsh Realm - After TXF and Millennium, I was ready to follow Chris Carter anywhere. Lt. Hobbes gets stuck in a virtual world created by the army. He can't get out until he assassinates General Omar Santiago, who has taken over. (Or maybe there was something else he had to do to get out -- it's been a while.) Terry O'Quinn played Santiago and Hobbes had a surly sidekick named Pinnochio. I thought this could have gone somewhere but Fox basically killed it by not promoting it. And then they killed it by cancelling it.

The Others - A bunch of people have psychic powers and stuff happens to them. It was more interesting than that makes it sound. Plus Missy Crider was on it. Morgan & Wong were writing and producing. The cast was pretty varied and this could have been cool. Alas!

The Lone Gunmen - sniff I miss my boys. The show could have been a lot better and they did not properly respect Frohike, but it was fun and Byers' and Jimmy's lovewassopure and the El Lobo episode would go on my list of 10 Things That Turn Me On if I were to actually make such a list.

Firefly - I fell so hard. I was so betrayed. And of course Enterprise is still on the air.

Oh, and I wish the Comedy Channel hadn't stopped showing re-runs of Duckman.

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