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You can call me Hal.

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PoT Finals OVAs 1 & 2
inukai hands
I watched these at the weekend and I've been gleeful ever since.


- Ickle Sanada and Tezuka! Be still my heart. ♥

- Okay, Oshitari only went along on the helicopter ride to stop Atobe and Momo from making out, didn't he? Damn him.

- Tezuka and Ryoma talking whilst dressing. :) :) :)

- Oh, Oishi. *hugs*

- I think I liked this match better than in the manga. Though it was a bit strange either way.

- Is this Tezuka and Oishi writing an entrance exam for the same high school? Because I would like that so much. Because of their love.



Kaidoh loves Inui


Just when I think I can't love Kaidoh any more... He's grown up so much, hasn't he? He was so supportive and even mostly calm. Also pretty. And he loves his Inui-senpai so much. The way he kept saying "our doubles" made me clutch my chest and "eeee!"

They are the most rewarding pairing EVER in the history of fandom and I am still so in love with their love that it makes me want to cry.

Switching out of flail mode for a bit, I liked the anime treatment of this match. It seemed less harsh, which was good. And I don't think Renji said "Inui" at any point. I still think we need a few words between them yet to give some closure. Kirihara was charmingly psychotic. Kaidoh was pretty. Momoshiro was jealous.

But back to flailing. Oh my god, the InuKai. I hope I can remember how to write fic about them now. Because I need to show my love.

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