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You can call me Hal.

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You should be watching: Prince of Tennis Chinese Drama
kaidoh distress
The Chinese drama adaptation of Prince of Tennis started airing last week. I'd been looking forward to it but not sure what to expect. Now I know. It is SO good. I recommend it highly.

The series is 22 episodes long and even though only a few eps have been on TV, they all seem to be available from DVD or some such. (The aired episodes are cut-down versions of the DVD episodes.) I have watched the first five, three with translations, two without.

It's different from the manga or anime. The characters are older -- they're in the "Youth College" but I haven't quite worked out if it's an actual university or a high school or something like CEGEP. There are dormitories, which leads to some lovely scenes. (But as they're packed in four to a room, it's an unlikely spot for romance.) And it feels a lot more realistic. The characters have more depth -- and flaws. And, of course, it's set in China, so there are cultural differences.

The characters are based on the manga characters but they can be quite different too. This will probably annoy some people but I really love getting a whole new interpretation. It's like Battlestar Galactica, or something. (Also, I think Tezuka is in love with Kaidoh. ♥) They have Chinese names and non-crazy hair, so it took me a while to figure out who everyone is.

I LOVE THIS DRAMA. Five episodes and it is already breaking my heart. (And not just because of the Inui-Kaidoh-Tezuka love triangle.) Please hurry up and watch because I really need to post about episodes 4-5.

If you still need a reason to watch, the boys are very pretty. And they touch each other a lot.


* Want a taste? Opening and ending sequences -- lots of scenes from the whole drama. And I love the opening song. (The avi files are encoded from rmvb, so the quality isn't any better.)
Opening: RMVB / AVI (SS)
Closing: RMVB / AVI (SS)

* dramapuri - join the comm for downloads, translations, subs, and squee

* Cast photos and names, courtesy of rokakujin


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Only you could tempt me to look back into PoT fandom... plus the fact that I'd be able to understand the drama. I'm intrigued, now!

Give it a try! I'd love to hear what you think. ♥

*is on episode 16*

Oh there are good moments for... a lot of pairings. Good moments. Yes, just yes. *is waiting for Hyotei matches come onnnnnn*

You are so much further than I am! I'm looking forward to seeing who else I ship -- the dynamics are so different.

I believe they're in university because they refer to themselves as "second year university student" or something like that. I rather like that the characters and the storyline, to an extent, are different from the original source -- after all, we already have an anime, manga, a movie, and a musical to boot (oh, the PoT franchise). I kind of wish they released the episodes one a week or something, because now I feel obligated to marathon all 22 in one go, haha (I'm still only on the second episode).

Oh, thanks! That's good to know. I'm going to try to exercise a bit of restraint in my watching, but we'll see how well that works out. :D

I burned out on PoT sometime after Eiji broke the laws of physics, but this drama version sounds so good. Also, Tezuka/Kaidoh! Omg, I am so checking this out.

I thought that would intrigue you. :) There's some stuff I think you'll really like.


I like to think he is crying here.

I also like to think that these puppies are in tru luv and have signed a pact never to be separated.

Oh, and you would have been pleased with the cheese prowess my mate and I displayed today at Whole Foods. It seems we know enough about rare cheese that we impressed the cheese seller, and walked out with several free samples to bring home (after having been given nearly 6 trial slices in store - including delicious stinky Epoisses). One of said cheese was a Vermont version of a washed rind (not a great one, but still 40.00 a pound). :D Only you would appreciate this.

If you're reccing it, it's got to be good. (You have good taste.) I'm going to check it out. Thanks for the PSA! :-D

Ooh, I hope you like it! It's got a kind of heart to it that the manga and anime never had.

Ohh. Now I have to try it...

It's the PoT renaissance. :D

So, what do I watch first--the anime, the live-actions, or this stuff? *is overwhelmed with the choices*

Ooh, Amy! I would say start with the anime and watch at least 5 episodes before deciding if you like it. (The first ep is not great but after that it picks up.) I will send you email about where to download it. Please ask me any questions that you like! It's a crazy show but the boys are pretty and people fall hard for it.

ETA: I see you already know where to download the anime. :) I'm really interested to see what you think!

Edited at 2008-08-04 04:11 am (UTC)

I was wondering whether to give this a try or not. I think I will.

I can't seem to find fansubs but I'm halfway through the first episode and love it already. :D
I wish I could understand Chinese... I guess I'll have to make do with script translations. XD

The subs are in a locked post on the dramapuri comm. The same post has links to the full-length episodes; some of the other posted downloads were for the cut episodes from TV.

God, I hate being busy. I SWEAR I'm going to get on this as soon as possible. You've sold me already.

I guess the upside is the longer you wait, the more subs there will be. :)


I have been looking for a dl of the mp3 version of the opening and ending songs. Anyone know where I can find them??

not mine:
I Have a Dream - Go Go Club - End Theme

Rainbowless Sunlight - Various - Opening Theme

War - Various [insert song]

Brothers - Wei Bin [insert song]

Shoulder - Zhang Chao [insert song]

Yes, I know I'm a year late but I'm still very excited!

i accidentally end up here after so much time surfing the internet for a site to downlod all 22eps. with english translations free T_T ,can anyone please mail me where i cand download it- thanks.. i have a dvd of the first 8episodes and i way like it so much! i would greatly apprecitate anyone's help for a link /thanks /here is my mail by the way deGeL_ragnaFreak@yahoo.com

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