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You can call me Hal.

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et alia
Item: huabot made some lovely fanart for my InuKai story Trivial Pursuit! Thank you so much, flower! Inui just breaks my heart. ♥♥♥

Item: santa_smex sign ups are up! You have until Aug 15, I believe. I'm still pondering my request, but I'll probably end up asking for the same old pairings. :)

Item: There's a Here is Greenwood drama. (kestrelsan: take note.) I had no idea. Looks like five episodes have aired. C.H.L.O.E. Project has subbed the first two episodes. I've watched one and it's cute and fun but OMG Shun's wig is so terrible. Mitsuru is awesome. DoReMii will be subbing it as well.

Item: Gmail fucking sucks for LJ comments. How do you deal with everything smushed into one thread? I can never tell who the new comments are actually from. I was getting slammed so hard with spam on my other two accounts (and apologies if I missed some email from you -- I'm sure it must have happened) that I gave up and started checking everything through Gmail. It works wonders on the spam but the LJ stuff is driving me mad.

Item: Remember how I said that the Chinese Prince of Tennis drama is really, really good? Well, it's still true. :)

Item: I like cheese.

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Hi! Long time no talk! I'm really happy to see you posting again. :D

I was wondering if you have any leads on where I could pick up the rest of Ookiku Furikabutte...Saizen did the first 13 episodes and then it stopped due to licensing. I was going to just delete them off my computer yesterday when I got the warning that my C: drive was running out of room, but then I started watching...and I'm hooked!

Sports anime are still my secret weakness, it seems...

Re: Gmail, I don't really have any advice. It was the feature that threw me off the most about switching, but there are some many good things about Gmail that I kind of ignore this one flaw. For me it's not a huge deal because I get few enough comments that I can live with it, but I can see how it would be disabling with a more popular journal!

It's been a while! I have the Central Anime subs of the rest of Oofuri. I don't know if they're online or not but I can start uploading them for you. Is Sendspace or Megaupload better for you?

There's nothing better than sports series. :)

I'll have to learn to deal with Gmail I guess. The comment threading is less annoying than the spam.

Drat, I was hoping I wouldn't have to inconvenience you! ..but I am weak and I am hooked, so Sendspace please? :D I guess I need 14-26, if 26 is the end. No rush at all, please, just whenever you have some free time.

(you are so my anime dealer :D)

Ooooh pretty fanart. ♥

Item: [info]santa_smex sign ups are up! You have until Aug 15, I believe. I'm still pondering my request, but I'll probably end up asking for the same old pairings. :)

Me too. :D

I had some learning curve on GMail with LJ comments but now I'm used to it. No help from me, though; it just started clicking one day.

My smex plan is to wait until you post your request and then copy and paste it. Since it's for Allison, I don't even have to change the name. *g*

There's a Here is Greenwood drama.

Ooooh. *downloading* I plan to rewatch the OAVs tonight, too.

I haven't had time to get to the OVAs yet but soon. The drama is not super-amazing, but it's cute and I'll keep watching.

Plus this will be good for our fic exchange!

I watched episode one of Here is Greenwood on Friday and was not impressed. I was tired though.

I am still debating Santa Smex. I haven't written a damned thing since last year so . . . bahness.

I think it is mostly enjoyable to people who are old fans of the anime. :)

Writing is hard. I'm trying to do it now and I think I've forgotten how.

That may be it. I tried watching bits of the anime on Veoh when I saw it coming up on my flist a few weeks ago (before the subs were out) to see what it was about.

and it is! why? That is lame. (the writing being hard, not you writing)

OH, also I love threading. It keeps all conversations in one area rather than flooding my inbox with 100000 emails in response to the same post.

I only read gmail on the web when I'm away from home -- otherwise I read it through Thunderbird and there's no threading. (I keep considering funnelling some of my old accounts THROUGH gmail, too, for the spamtrapping.)

Hmm, that might work. I use Thunderbird for other mail accounts (I don't run my fandom email through the same program as my "real" email) but I could always give Mail a go.

For me the thread smushing was the appeal of getting lj rp comments through gmail but I do wonder if there's a way to turn it off.

Cheese is yummy.

Sadly, you cannot turn it off right now. But I requested it as a feature.

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