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You can call me Hal.

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Trying to remember how to do this...
inukai away

"Brush your teeth," Inui mumbles, blurry-eyed, but Kaidoh doesn't move, his hair fanning out over Inui's pillow and his mouth half open. Inui grimaces. The body detoxes at night and the tongue is a primary detox organ but knowing that doesn't make Kaidoh's breath any sweeter.

Inui blinks, reaches for his glasses, stretches his legs, thinks about his cup of tea. Kaidoh shifts, sighs, curls so close around Inui that he must be still asleep. Inui lays his head back on the pillow and his hand on Kaidoh's cheek and breathes through his mouth until the alarm goes off.

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Funny and lovely all at once. :) Eee, it's happymaking to see InuKai from you again.

Aw, thanks! I think it's slowly coming back to me. :)

*is down by your feet in worship*

Mmmm. There's nothing like your fluffy realism to revive a favorite pairing.


Fluffy realism! I love that. :)

If Kaidoh could read minds he would be so embarrassed. And he would probably hit Inui before running to the bathroom all blushy like.

And Inui would fall out of bed onto his ass, then go to make the tea.

Adorable :> Think about biology, Inui, maybe it'll help.

Hee! Inui tries, he really does.

Oh, oh, oh. I don't know how you always do this so perfectly in so few words. ♥

I guess it's cause the subject is so inspiring. :)

They are that, it's true. :)

Ajfjflfls so sweet. ;______;

OMG. Hal-san, I. L. U!! Like I said in my last post, hehe. I love everything (EVERY.THING!) that you write, and you're writing InuKai ~again!~ *floaty floaty haze*

Saankyuu! *coughpleasebegoodandexcusethemexclamationpointscough*

Aw, thanks for all the lovely things you said about me! I'm working on some more InuKai -- I really want to get back to writing them more, I love them so much. ♥

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