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Last day to send in your dollar.
ryuzaki is hotter than you
Sign-ups for santa_smex end tomorrow, August 15, so take some time to sign up so you can write me some InuKai write and receive great gift fics!

As usual, I was tempted to just cut and paste marksykins's request but did I spent some time customizing it after all. (I had to delete that line about the Cap to Bin/Panic at the Disco sleepover party.)

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(I had to delete that line about the Cap to Bin/Panic at the Disco sleepover party.)

:DDDDD So did I.

I'm so glad you guys signed up. <3

I was always planning on it! I just...uh, forgot until Veni reminded me yesterday.

And now we'll never know what would have happened when Atobe crashed the party.

Sleepover Parties are always ace.

I've been away from ff.n too long!

kj;lksjafsdk i haven't written anything since January and so signing up would be a huge mistake but j;lakjsdfasd.

why did so many people who i love sign up for it? dammit.

also, i would have no idea what to request. you think reposoir would let me ask for a PoT/One Piece crossover? yeah, i don't think so either.

i could just copy my request from last year. because really, all i care about is inui's journey to forbidden love or something like that.

why did so many people i love sign up for it, dammit.

sorry, prillalar, i'm having a bit of a crisis right here in your journal. don't worry, i'll leave plenty of inui's lying around before i leave.

i could ask for a pirate au, i bet i could get away with that. but then, i would have to write something for someone. AHAHAHAHAHA.

not only is my capitalization gone, my grammar has gone out of the window. plenty of inui's? heigh-ho, aboard the grammar failboat we go.

SIGH. i hate writing sex. hate. but. i participated the previous two years. this is the last. i could put this on my resume, that i participated in a sex-fic exchange for three years in a row! employers would surely give me lost of money if they knew that.


copied last year's request with some edits. i hate the world and my waffling willpower. and writing. and people. and tennis. and inui's mummification.

i will stop spamming you now. but see? i fulfilled my promise. lots of inuis.

This made me laugh so much on an otherwise sucky afternoon. :)

I'm glad you signed up! I'm available for hand-holding, etc.t

At least my mental anguish and indecision provided you with some entertainment!

I may have to hit you up on that! I foresee lots of whiiiining in my journal in November.

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