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You can call me Hal.

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O Antarctica!
The day was delightfully busy and I had dark chocolate with blackcurrent and caught the express bus and ate three people's brains and Inui loves Kaidoh and Kaidoh loves him *back* and I'm on my way to meet my sweetie at the pub.

And I have an iPhone. And you.

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my day was ridiculous with the bad juju and emails of snide from the upper uppers who have no clue what the agency really does. and then I went out and bought a slinky black vest and am now going to gorge on bad teenybopper TV.

and yes, Kaidoh really does.

I hope you get a chance to wear the slinky vest soon.

He does so much it keeps him up at night.

(Deleted comment)
Yay for Psimth and for you!

That day sounds just lovely! Especially the Inui and Kaidoh parts! :)

Inui and Kaidoh are the icing on every day's cake. :)

I watched the first two eps of the Chinese drama, btw. Very cute so far.

Hee! That icon is awesome. :)

Anything with Inui and Kaidoh in it is always a good thing, especially when it includes the words "loves" and "back" and blackcurrant!

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