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You can call me Hal.

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Fashion Q & A
ryuzaki is hotter than you
Fall wardrobe top-up time is upon us and I'm trying to bump my office look up a little from hot tech girl to srs bsns woman with a hint of scary librarian thrown in. (I save sexy librarian for my evening look.) So my questions are:

Do black shoes go with brown pants? How about grey pants? And why is corduroy back?

I'm so putting ranks into Knowledge: Fashion next time I level.

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Black shoes go with everything. Well, certainly with grey pants (and in my world, brown pants as well)

And corduroy is back as punishment for something we did. I don't know what that something was, but it must have been bad.

signed, The Fashion Police

I love my black shoes. All one pair of them! I don't want to make a fashion decision that involves new shoes.

Black shoes definitely go with grey pants. Black shoes can go with the right brown pants -- I would suggest that if the shade of brown is not one which looks "right" with brown shoes (it definitely happens, as most brown shoes are within a very narrow range of tones), it's probably going to be a brown that looks fine with black. This is the beauty of black shoes.

The corduroy thing I can't explain and don't want to; I'm just glad that I'm probably not even allowed to wear it.

The brown pants thing seems scarier by the minute. I think I should just back off that whole earth tone thing.

No black shoes with brown pants, unless they are khaki. Black and grey are fine together. I also won't wear black shoes with navy blue, but that's a personal thing.

Yeah -- the black / navy thing is scary. :)

As I get paid to do this kind of thing...

Do black shoes go with brown pants?

In most cases, you have to with brown shoes, unless it's an especially dark shade of brown.

How about grey pants?

Yep, black shoes with grey pants.

And why is corduroy back?

'Cause it's always comes back in the fall. It's just like tights, animal prints, short plaid skirts, and brown.

It's scary to me how nobody agrees on the black shoes / brown pants thing! I'll just leave the brown pants to the experts and branch out with grey only. :)

Black shoes are a neutral, thus, can be paired with everything.

That's what I thought but nobody can agree!

The correct answer about black shoes is that they are a neutral and therefore go with everything.

My own rule for brown and navy blue with black is that the brown or navy blue need to be light enough that they are clearly brown or blue. Otherwise you may look like you *thought* the articles in question were black, and that's never good. I offer you this guideline.

And yes, antigone921 is right about corduroy. It's back every fall, when people start to think that their legs might get cold.

I think I lost my nerve for the brown pants. Too daring!

Black + grey = A-Okay.

Black + brown = officially not done, but you can get away with it depending on what color the brown is. The closer it is to tan or khaki, the better it looks with black shoes. Socks/hose matter, too -- picking a heathered pattern with both black and brown in it can help.

There's so much controversy over the black shoes / brown pants. Nobody can agree!

black does not, nor will ever go with brown. black and gray however work fine.
no idea on the cuorduroy

I decided that brown pants were too great a fashion leap for me. :)


• black shoes can go with brown pants, provided that the brown is not a dark shade. so. tan, khaki - those are cool. but like. black shoes don't actually go with everything. it technically can, but dark shade + dark shade is usually not the most visually appealing combination. black shoes + light/medium shade is A+ though.

• thus, black shoes always go with grey pants! actually, monotone colors can, almost always, be mix-n-matched together. colors, though, aren't always the case (ie valentine's day. whoever thought red + pink was a good combination should be shot).

• and i don't know about this corduroy thing but.... i say no matter what you see, stay away from corduroy. i'm thinking and cannot for the life of me think of a single example in which corduroy would be acceptable in the workplace. or society in general. :|

sldkjf Sorry I am rambly (and randomly forgone proper capitalization) but this is like. Nearly a decade's worth of having a best friend who loves fashion and reads Vogue all the time, and is also an art student, so really good with colors. I JUST REALLY LIKE IT WHEN THIS KNOWLEDGE COMES IN HANDY. :D


I was going to comment on this entry saying I love corduroy. :|

(Deleted comment)
No wonder I've been sticking with black pants up until now. So confusing!

Corduroy is a beautiful material that's been badly served by designers.

No, honest!


I promise to give it the consideration it deserves. :)

I love corduroy! It is very possible I am not a fashion icon though. (But my corduroy pants at the comfiest I own!)

It reminds me of elementary school for some reason. Maybe I will check some out and return, as it were, to a simpler time.

I also love corduroy. Especially with tweed or leather.

Which reminds me, the elbows are wearing out on my corduroy blazer; I should go buy some nice heavy tweed and patch them.

It sounds very academic! I could pretend I'm a professor or something.

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