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You can call me Hal.

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Hit me.
You: fandom, pairing, prompt

Me: drabble / flashfic

My brain needs a kick in the pants.

ETA: Got everything I need, so no more new requests, please. Cool prompts, guys!

Tenipuri. MomoKai. Momo's a dog person. Kaidoh's a cat person. Dog? Cat? Gerbil? Or screaming fisticuffs at the pet store?

did you watch any kiva yet? if so, kiva, Nago/Wataru, at least there's ONE good thing about having a pupil (i think this is totally possible at ep 5, irrc)

if not, KR Kabuto, Tendou/Kagami, inappropriate ZECT attire.

Slam Dunk, Mitsui/Kogure, train ride.

TeniPuri, Ryouma/Shinji, at cross-purposes

TeniPuri. Inui and Tezuka (paired or not). Drag queens.

Wow. I was thinking of the exact same prompt.

Tenipuri, Nanjiroh/Sumire, hot for teacher coach

That pairing is SO my guilty (not very) secret.

FMA, Hawkeye & Gracia Hughes, family reunion

tenipuri, tezuryo, bedtime! <3

Me: X-Files, M/Sk, the rescue from "I Want To Believe"
You: drabble/flashfic

Consider your brain kissed not kicked, but not in the creepy George Romero way, more in the "I love your stories" way :)


Oh, I'm so predictable, but:

PoT, InuKai, four-leaf clovers. :)

TeniPuri: Tezuka/Fuji (sorrrry) book club

Lord of the Rings, Aragorn/Faramir, "You will always be my steward."


Prince of Tennis, young Nanjiroh perving on young Ryuuzaki, "Get your mind back on tennis, kid!"

ILU, Hal-san! Marry me and let's have babies kittens and all sorts of furry pets together!

PoT. InuKai. Prompt stolen from "What Women Want": Inui ingests a juice that magically allows him to hear Kaidoh's thoughts.

(Deleted comment)

dunno if you'll do this fandom, but worth a try!

South Park, any slash pairing but Stan and Kyle. No prompt, I lack imagination.

Re: dunno if you'll do this fandom, but worth a try!

LOL, okay, read the next entry and gotta get the rusty gears working. Um, prompt: death.