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You can call me Hal.

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Friday I'm in love
* I've closed the requests on drabbles & flashfic and I'll get writing as soon as my box of wine has cooled. Lots of good stuff there, thanks, guys! I don't promise to write everything but I'll get to as much as I can. (BTW if you didn't actually give me a prompt with your fandom/pairing, I won't be writing it -- that's too much work *g*. You can always go back and add one, though.)

* I did a small flist cut. For the most part, just some people who weren't reading me anyhow, one or two people whose volume I can't keep up with, and everyone posting Twitter digests. (I do have a strange feeling I accidentally removed someone I didn't mean to -- if you're shocked and dismayed, please email me.)

* And just to remind you: it's always okay to drop me if you don't want to read me. Unless you tell me otherwise, I'll assume you'd still have a beer with me if we met up at a con.

* Why am I not in my pyjamas already? Mmm, jammies.

* Why is InuKai the best pairing in the history of ever?

* What are you drinking tonight at this point of the day or night, depending on where you live and what time you actually read this post? I have Naked Grape Pinot Grigio.

* I like cheese and my iPhone and you. ♥

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I'm drinking tea this morning. But I'd still have a beer with you at a con.

I've been entering all these competitions to win an ipod touch (can't afford the phone plan) and all these other bastards keep winning. Don't these people know how much I NEED one?

Please forgive my timezone-centrism. But beer is for breakfast too.

Is there some way to fix the contests? Because the Touch really is pretty sweet. Just like you. :)

I am this close to cut everyone posting those stupid Twitter digests too. :|

I like beer more than I like robots. ♥

Beer + robots = sweet Bender love

I refuse to post Twitter digests, because people who have me on their flists and their Twitter lists would surely find it redundant and those who don't have Twitter would surely find it infuriating. Twitter digests confuse me generally.

Glad to still be here. :)

And, um, I'm drinking diet Coke. My life is so hardcore. (And it's 2am here, so that's a bad plan right there!)

Yeah, they don't seem to add much to my LJ experience.

Diet Coke at 2 am is definitely living on the edge!

drabbles wot wot??????

twitter. *shivers* ew. but I am still offended at being cut, Hal.

mmmm, jammies.

I am drinking licorice peppermint tea.

Did you miss the drabble post? It's one of those ones where I promise to write everybody fic and then get drunk and pass out instead.

If your Tweets weren't always about Toma, I might have kept you.

For my drinking pursuits, I went with a mango theme: martini and margarita. They tasted mostly the same, to be honest. And now I shall go put my own jammies on.

Mango sounds delightful! Especially with added alcohol. :)

* Why is InuKai the best pairing in the history of ever?

For me, it's because they never fail to make me happy, in any way, shape, or form. ^_^

I am drinking cinnamon & apple tea. It's yummy.

That sounds good right about now!

and everyone posting Twitter digests.

I cracked up. I wish I had the balls to do this.

I was surprised at myself but it had to be done.

I had a lovely Riesling from I don't know where with dinner--I was having too much fun talking to my friends to make a note of the name, unfortunately.

Don't have an iphone but I do have an ipod touch I love very much. XD

This is where the iPhone wins over the Touch -- I just snap a pic of the label so I'll remember the wine.

* What are you drinking tonight at this point of the day or night, depending on where you live and what time you actually read this post?

at that time I was having lemon flavored vodka + freshly squeezed orange juice (and by freshly squeezed I mean: me+ orange+knife)

Oh... I haven't been around lately and didn't see you asked for prompts... ;_;
But that's okay. I saw you had very good ones already asked^^

I think they'll be fun to work on. :)

I'm drinking water because I'm boring. I missed the drabble request, but I'll be happy just to see what you come up with.

The dog is napping on me - what a great idea.

also: I don't understand Twitter. :(

Edited at 2008-09-06 09:59 pm (UTC)

It's nice to have some stuff to work on that can be a bit drabbly and non-perfect. I might even get most of them done!

If I were there, I'd nap on you too.

I am drinking tea! Irish breakfast mixed with mambo. I am all done and going to have to face the fact that breakfast is over.

It's been ages since I had Irish Breakfast. I should put it on the grocery list.

I am alternating between plain white grape juice and heavily sugared coffee, and will continue to do so until I reach some kind of caffeine-mania asymptote and start writing fic with titles like "Food Network Caters Your Gay Wedding."

I'm getting the sugar shakes just reading this. :D You should def write that fic.

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