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Friday I'm in love

* I've closed the requests on drabbles & flashfic and I'll get writing as soon as my box of wine has cooled. Lots of good stuff there, thanks, guys! I don't promise to write everything but I'll get to as much as I can. (BTW if you didn't actually give me a prompt with your fandom/pairing, I won't be writing it -- that's too much work *g*. You can always go back and add one, though.)

* I did a small flist cut. For the most part, just some people who weren't reading me anyhow, one or two people whose volume I can't keep up with, and everyone posting Twitter digests. (I do have a strange feeling I accidentally removed someone I didn't mean to -- if you're shocked and dismayed, please email me.)

* And just to remind you: it's always okay to drop me if you don't want to read me. Unless you tell me otherwise, I'll assume you'd still have a beer with me if we met up at a con.

* Why am I not in my pyjamas already? Mmm, jammies.

* Why is InuKai the best pairing in the history of ever?

* What are you drinking tonight at this point of the day or night, depending on where you live and what time you actually read this post? I have Naked Grape Pinot Grigio.

* I like cheese and my iPhone and you. ♥
Tags: i like robots better than you
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