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It is AMAZING how much a shitty day improves when you take off your bra.

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this is so fucking true, it should be gospel.

I dunno; I took off my bra this morning, but it was for a mammogram.

I found it to be a disimprovement to my day.


Word. I should photograph myself doing just that.

Speaking of, I took your advice and entered a video in the ipod competition. I'd better win. There were no boobs, but they were there in spirit.

ain't dat the truth?

(to quote ducky dale)

This is the first thing I do, when I come back from a nasty day at work and enter the house: I take off my bra. And if I'm wearing a skirt, the panties go too. That makes for a superb evening. (Well, less crappy than the day was, at least.)

Truer words, never spoken. Er, typed.


A-men, and pass the PJs.

Or one could just not wear a bra and feel great all the time.

Sometimes knowing I get to take it off soon is the only thing that gets me through the day.

S'why I only wear them when I have to.

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