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You can call me Hal.

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Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover
oh dean
Things that have been watched

SPN Premiere: So glad it's back! It made me grin and grin. My joy was not unmixed, however. I'll link you to Kest's post for why. (Since we think the same about everything, except for InuKai vs MomoKai, which one of us should ultimately rule the world, and Joe Flanigan's hair.)

True Blood: I watched the first two eps and I think it's a keeper. It doesn't seem very complex, but it escapes being too over-the-top, and it's very lush in a good way. And Anna Paquin is so adorable I want to bite her myself.

Fringe: Flat, boring characters, dialogue that will break your nose with its simplexity, and a mystery that fails to engage. However, I'm going to watch one more episode before giving up. I don't know why.

Things that will be watched

Dexter: Can't. Wait. Please let there be lots of blood.

Corner Gas: Why must I wait three more weeks? Why must this be the last season? Why hasn't Davis shown up at my hotel room yet? (I'll send the room number again.)

Heroes: I guess. It's lost a lot of its lustre, though. (Say that three times fast.)

Supernatural: The Hunters: In this SPN prequel, John and Bobby hit the road to hunt out evil wherever it lurks. They are accompanied by their frighteningly intelligent and stunningly attractive bespectacled female companion, with whom they are both in love. Filled with action, suspense, and more sexual tension than you can shake a stick at. (Also, Skinner is in there somewhere.)

BSG: Eventually.

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SPN prequel - I don't think I have torrents from that dimension yet. Bah humbug.

And Fringe was not just bad but boring.

I just watched the first two eps of True Blood, and I'm definitely intrigued. It's not at all what I was expecting. I didn't realize it was based on a book, either.

Don't give up on Fringe just yet.

yeah, it's a lame XF rip off with less interesting characters, but on the other hand, last week's credits mentioned a certain Darin Morgan in the production crew...there's potential there, if they let him have some free reign...

ps--that Supernatural prequel--is that next week's ep?

Anna Paquin is adorable! "Very lush in a good way" is a great description of the show.

Dammit, I forgot True Blood came on last night. :(

I made a new EQ character and lost track of the time.

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