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You can call me Hal.

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My InuKai includes Momo.
[I'll catch up on comments soon, I promise!]

I can't stop thinking about Momo and Kaidoh and their Great Riverside and Doubles bonding in the Kantou finals and how lovely and intense it all is and then how a few episodes later, Inui is playing Yanagi and Momo and Kaidoh are together in the stands watching and Momo says, "So we're totally boyfriends now, right?" and Kaidoh says, "Even though I totally plan to have a lot of dirty sex with you, only Inui-senpai will ever have my love" and then Momo cries.

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At that point, is Momo rescued from his despair by Atobe and his helicopter?


For my his sake, I hope so. :)

That's my favorite episode!

I know, right? It's, like, epic.

Ugh, that Kantou finals Doubles match makes me want to die with happiness. But I sob for poor Momo in your personal canon! T_T

I think the best part is when Kaidoh phones up Momo to arrange their warm-up date-o. Oh boys! ♥

True, Kaidoh's eventual rejection is really heartbreaking for poor Momoshiro. But I feel sure that he cheers up later by shagging Eiji.

They were warming up their bonding for their third year. You know how buchos and fukubuchos have the strongest bonding in this series ;D

So true! They'll be the Minami & Sengoku of their year. :D

I was thinking along the lines of Tezuka and Oishi, Sanada and Yukimura, and even Kentaro and Saeki (different age, though), but your example is much, much more appropriate!

:D true. they still have one more year together.

And we've seen how they cover for each other in their respective roles in front of the rest of the team :D AND they'll have to discuss the team and have late-hour meetings together (with and without Ryûzaki-sensei), and...

aahahahaha, all true.
ah, the late-hour meetings XD
Momo: so.. Kaidoh, I was thinking maybe instead of at school we could meet in my bathroom next time. ...Ne?


(the best part of it is, no matter how rough Kidoh is trying to appear he's always the pretty bottom)

you seem to know some saucy details that I don't :D

I can never stop thinking about things like this. Why are they so impossibly in love.

I know! (Poor Momo often asks himself the same question.)

Such a pity there are no spoof subs to Ep. 123... They could be soooo hot. ^_^

Grah. I was all tongue-tied and flailing while watching that episode. D: Though I know that it's good that Momo and Kaidoh get their moments out of rivalry once in a while, but I really can't help sobbing at how good they actually look together then. XDDD

But I'm still all levels of happy because Kaidoh stayed and watched Inui's game until the end~ ♥

LOL poor Momo and his one-sided love. ^^;;

The only thing that could have topped all the MomoKai-ness was the InuKai Green Towel of Love. And there it was. ♥

Konomi-sensei loves InuKai fangirls that much! XDDDD

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