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PoT C-Drama Episode 5: The Flailing

There are subs for Episode 5! Inui vs Kaidoh ranking match! Passionate drama that will stir your emotions! Tender scenes that will warm your heart! Really cool tennis!

While I didn't quite flail myself into a migraine, like I did with the OTHER InuKai episode 5 (Nationals OVA), I did stay up til 12:30 AM because I had to watch it NOW, NOW, NOW. I'd watched it raw, er, more than a few times, and I was dying to know what was going on in that long Inui-Kaidoh conversation. Plus the Tezuka-Inui conversation. Plus the Tezuka-Kaidoh conversation.

It was glorious. And now (now, now, now) I can finally get working on some fic about the Holy Triangle:
The Father The Father
The Son The Son
and the Sad-Eyed Boyfriend and the Sad-Eyed Boyfriend

The friendship between Tezuka and Inui is really lovely. And there is definitely something between Tezuka and Kaidoh which I really want to explore. (I can't stop thinking about how Tezuka's bunk is right below Kaidoh's. Does Tezuka stare up in the dark?) And the Inui-Kaidoh dynamic is so different from the anime and that's so great because now there's more for me to delve into.

It seems like a lot of the development we got in the anime between Inui and Kaidoh has already happened by the start of the drama, so we have to tease it out based on their current (wonderful) interaction. (Like I'm still trying to do with anime Inui - Tezuka).

And now, some episode spoilers:

* Kaidoh crying with Tezuka, begging him to put Inui back on the team in his place, broke my fucking heart. It seemed like a complex combination of feeling disrespected over not having fairly earned his place and distress over Inui being off the team.

* Tezuka talking about Inui, about him being stronger (as a person, not a player) than him, also really did me in.

* Inui, Inui, Inui. I, like Ryoma, still don't fully understand why you didn't return the ball. But it is so interesting to contemplate. (And the best fucking tennis visual yet.)

* I really love that we get to see Yuuta's time at Seigaku in this series. The purple hoodie while he's announcing his departure was a nice bit of foreshadowing. :)

* Kaidoh sitting in front of Inui's empty locker also broke my heart.

* And the boys teasing Kaidoh about phoning Inui! V., v. sweet.

* The Momo-Kaidoh workout convo at the beginning was charming. I'm not feeling the slashy love with those two (at least not yet -- I've only watched up to ep 8 raw) but they have a great snarky vibe.

You know, I use the Japanese names when I post about thisl, but really, when I think about them, it's the Chinese names that I use; they're not quite the same characters (especially my beloved Chen Hai Tang). What about you? I want to use the Chinese names when I write fic, but I'm concerned that no-one will want to read it then.
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