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You can call me Hal.

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Pictures Three
1. huabot drew some lovely, lovely art for the Kaidoh blanket-fort snippets. Isn't Kaidoh gorgeous? You spoil me sweetie. ♥

2. I took this one today. TOO SOON!


3. And William Shatner. ♥


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William Shatner was lkhfd gorgeous circa Star Trek. I don't care who knows I think that!

Everybody thinks that. :)

Are you smiling at Kaidoh or at William Shatner?

And how was your day off?


The first part was a bit rough but then I enjoyed browsing Border's and walking downtown to make up for it.

There's really nothing like a picture of nekkkid Captain Kirk to make a girl's day (and some boys, I imagine).

The only thing missing is Khan. :)

Hot damn.

... That is the third man today that I adore but rarely find attractive and yet is somehow, today, HotDamnworthy. Huh.

There's something about that photo, it's true.

Shatner's shoulders are mightily distracting.

That is all to the good. :)

Ah, I love the Shatner. Then and now, he's wonderful.

There's no one like him.

This entry makes me ridiculously happy in so many ways.

So long as it's not the Xmas decorations making you feel that way.

Actually, I'm kind of one of those people who starts getting excited about Christmas even before Halloween. So, alas, I have to confess that was part of it. :x

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