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You can call me Hal.

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SPN 4.03
oh dean
So SPN this week was all kinds of fracking win and so very much to think about but mostly all I seem to be able to think about is : ♥MITCH♥ Always gorgeous, always amazing, and so very perfectly cast. When I saw his name in the credits, I bounced on the couch and squeaked embarrassingly.

Also I got so turned on when Dean said his own mother was hot.

In other news, I want to write some J2 porn but I'm never at quite the right stage of drunkeness to spill it all. What's the right drink combo for this pairing?

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Wasn't he fabulous?! When he turned into demon-possessed!grandpa, I was like, ooh, sexy. Was that wrong, Hal? Was that wrong?

Sexy Mitch is never wrong, demon or no demon.

You don't need a drink, you need PIE.

But wouldn't pie be so satisfying I wouldn't need the porn after all?

I just really think you should write that J2 porn, GO FOR IT.

Pie would work. Combine that with plenty of wine, if you like!

It's on the list! Now I just need time to start on the list...

Wasn't it freaking awesome? And I get points because I knew Mitch was going to be on this week and I didn't spoil you :D.

I think you need to just WRITE ME some J2 porn. And beer is the right choice for most occasions, so I'll recommend that. Also, we got confirmation of the living arrangements, though Jared did say, "not to ruin any of your fantasies, but Jensen's room is downstairs and mine is upstairs." Ha, as if.

I think for the first time in living memory, I saw the episode before you did. I ended up at home alone on Thursday night so I could actually watch it when it aired.

Yay for not spoiling me! I'm not assigning points until I know what you can cash them in for, though.

I was thinking about trying out beer as a conditioner. And then I thought: Wow, I could drink in the shower! Which seems a little disordered, you know? (Actually, beer is very sadly out of my life now, for a variety of reasons. I'm not happy about that.)

I shall attempt the porn this week. You'll have to tell me where all to post it.

That episode was just AWESOME, yes. Please do write J2 fic, it will make the world a better place. :)

I was entirely blown away by the awesomeness! I'm still a bit staggered!

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