Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

You are a thief of joy.

   - I should be grateful my job is so busy, as it's thus more secure. But right now I'm so tired I feel two-dimensional.

  -- Even though I swore I wouldn't work any more weekends, I'm going back in tomorrow. I think everyone there is just waiting for me to snap and go on a spree killing.

   + I bought a really cute skirt last night.

  ++ And it was one size smaller than I thought I'd need!

   - I haven't seen SPN yet and only half of The Office.

   + But that means I can watch them tonight!

   + My sweetie said he'd grill a big steak for me for dinner!

   - But he's still napping and I'm hungry.

   + It's a long weekend!

   - The fucking election is Tuesday.

   + The fucking election is Tuesday.

   + I have a good idea for the J2 porn and a great idea for some SPN fic.

  -- I'm too tired to write any of it.

  ++ Inui and Kaidoh are still in love.

 +++ My holiday starts Thursday!

++++ I have cheese.
Tags: dire times call for dire faces
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