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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
saint dogbert

Why is Hal having so much computer trouble?

The magnetic fields of her body are causing all electronics to fail.
Somebody put a curse on her.
I put a curse on her.
Tinfoil anti-alien shielding failure.
I don't know, but don't you think that proves zombies are superior to robots?
[ witty option involving Atobe ]

Seriously, in the last month I have:

* purchased a brand new MacBook with a faulty motherboard
* had the brand new MacBook's screen scratched during the motherboard repair
* been locked out of the domain at work twice
* screwed up a Powerbook by installing a system update

Tonight's failure: the power supply on my hand-me-down G5 tower.

I haven't lost anything; I'm a complusive backer-upper. But who knows if I'll be able to sync my iPhone again before my vac? I could be stuck with the music that's on there now!

Also, I was downloading Mad Men.

ETA: It wasn't the power supply! I got it to boot from DiskWarrior and that fixed it all up nicely. :) :) :)

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This is why I don't own Macs. Except for my iPod. BUT THAT'S IT.

Usually my Macs give me no trouble at all -- it's just been a weird month!

I'm watching spaced.

wait. vacation. of yes. easty coasty haly

Cannot wait for the vac. Soon, soon.

They are a fave of mine. :)

I'm extremely mildly obsessed with them. I once did a term paper about the psycho- and sociological commentary present in zombie movies. XD Most fun paper to write EVER.

Particularly since the tin foil actually amplifies the rays. Try saran wrap.

I think I just put the shiny side in by mistake.

I was sure "Magnetic fields" would win.

It's funny your Mac is giving you so much trouble--I hear they're supposed to be better than PCs...

I've been using Macs since 1986 and usually they have been no trouble at all. Which is why I'm going for the curse theory. :)

...perhaps an envious PC user cursed you I swear it wasn't me

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