Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Thunderbirds are go!

Today's activities

Writing: Harry Potter fic

Reading: Stargate fic

Watching: Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds is yet another beloved childhood show that I never actually saw in childhood. My co-workers have been talking it up and one of them had a video of the very first episode which she pressed on me. (To everyone else's jealousy -- there's a queue to watch it now.)

If you've not seen it, it's the futuristic adventures of International Rescue, which is kind of like my three sons with a lot more sons and some rocket ships. Also, the actors are actually marionettes.

This ep involved some archaeologists out in the Sahara, looking for this legendary lost pyramid. Which they find. It's filled with treasure and with evil aliens. At least I think they're aliens. They look kind of like Kang.

Scott Tracy to the rescue in Thunderbird 1! Excitement ensues and the whole pyramid, along with all the priceless ancient Egyptian artifacts, is destroyed. Easy come, easy go.

This show is just as campy and cool as everybody told me.

Now I'm off to the mall to see how much they want for the DVDs.


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