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You can call me Hal.

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kaidoh distress
"Just once," Guo Guang says and he looks Hai Tang in the face, fingers perched too gently on Hai Tang's shoulder.

"You always say that." Hai Tang jerks Guo Guang close so his breath is on Guo Guang's mouth, and Guo Guang opens up and swallows it down. Guo Guang's eyes are soft and closed, and there's an eyelash on his cheek. Hai Tang twists away from Guo Guang's glasses, settles his body under Guo Guang's arm, pressing into the kiss until his jaw is aching.

It's only once until you pull away.

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Hahahha. nice.

although the names start to bleed after a bit (damn you Taiwan!) and I fully believe this is why Koreans call everyone by things other than their names. Ne, Noona. (yes, I know know - I speak like a boy but I don't know the female)

Hai Tang is Kaidoh and Guo Guang is Tezuka. It's my new favourite pairing.

It was a bit "Guo Guang" heavy, yes. I was never very clever at getting around the pronoun problem in slash. :) I don't know any Korean at all. I should watch some drama.

I don't like Tezzie. He creeps me out. :/

But Guo Guang isn't creepy at all -- he's stern but sweet. And he comforts Hai Tang when he's crying.

hahahaha - they have changed the personalities? how many episodes of this are there - I may have to veoh a few to see if I like it.

after Merlin that is.

They have changed them a lot. Which I really love but I think some people are bothered by it. I think it has more depth, too -- it's more real-feeling.

There are 22 in all, 5 have been subbed, using rmvb quality source and Japanese names:

Also, another group is subbing with better source and using the Chinese names but they have only done one episode so far:

also I know limited Korean. this icon says I love you, this is true.

and brother is oppa. this I know because I watched one drama where they must have said this 40 times an episode.

Drive by commenting

I believe the girl-girl equivalent of 'noona' is 'unni'.


Re: Drive by commenting

I think you are right - or at least that sounds familair.

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