Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Today and tomorrow and the days after that

1. Thanksgiving Day! We never actually make a turkey dinner because we are lazy. But we do enjoy the day off. :)

2. Election Day! Fellow Canadians, please make sure you vote tomorrow. If you cannot bring yourself to vote for anybody, then please show up at the polls and spoil your ballot, don't just not go. There aren't a lot of things I feel strongly enough about to admonish people, but this is definitely one of them.

3. X-Files Day! Well, it's 10/13, anyhow. :) Also, I woke up this morning with these weird small bruises on the inside of both my elbows, exactly where you get blood drawn. But I haven't had blood drawn for months. My first thought: alien abduction. (Does the tinfoil go shiny side out or shiny side in?)

4. Vacay - 4 Day! AKA figuring out what to pack day. So excited!

5. Cheese Day! Every day is Cheese Day.

Tags: dire times call for dire faces
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