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You can call me Hal.

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This is the song that never ends.
♥ konomi ♥
New Prince of Tennis manga series to allegedly start in March! (This is different from the Prince of Afterschool tribute manga.) With luck, it will be all about Kaidoh, you know, just like the Chinese drama is.

Possibly I am the only one who is gleeful about this news. :) I do not apologize. It seems like at this rate, the only thing that could pry me loose from PoT fandom is a resurgence in Slam Dunk fandom.

Other items of note:

> DoReMii released their episode 2 sub of the Prince of Tennis Chinese drama. They are using DVD source and subbing with the Chinese names. Hai Tang is so loveable and petulant in this episode! I think he made Daddy very sad.

> I have been quietly joyful for weeks after the announment that the Hajime no Ippo anime will continue in 2009. But if they don't get Kiyasu back to voice Ippo again, I will cry, possibly literally.

> I'm back from vac. I should make a post about the fabulous people I met and the fabulous things I did and how I secretly tormented kestrelsan's cat while she was at work.

> I was going to post a rant about IE6's epic fail today but then I realised that's why I'm still employed. So, IE6, never change! I ♥ you just the way you are. (Except that time the float: left declaration made you crash.)

> Was there some cosmic event that decaffeinated all the coffee today? I had to leave work early because all the jobs I had left required me to be able to think and I just couldn't manage it.

> I love you, fandom! And I haven't even been drinking!

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*sigh* If I didn't feel that Konomi gave up on PoT during Nationals, I'd possibly be more excited about this. Also, I think Echizen Ryoma is not the best main character to have such a large series about.

I'll check it out, though, if only for Inui and Kaidoh. Kawamura too!

And now I feel horrible for being all blah about it. C'mon, self. We might get another panel of Inui with his glasses off. That'd be worth it, right?

Based on that piece of cover art, I'm assuming that the "new legend for Ryoma and the others" is the massive team orgies they're going to be having all over the place now that Ryoma's legal. So yes, everything up until now has been mere prologue. *g*

I can has more Yuuta? And more Yukimura? *lives in hope*

Have you checked out the Chinese drama yet? Yuuta starts out at Seigaku!

If it's not horrible, I may take back my do not want. But...I just don't want Tezuka and/or Fuji to get girlfriends. D: I want my faux-canon imagination station to live on.

Though, if they focus on the newly third years? Like Kaidou and Momo and Akaya? I'd be fine with that.

I totally get that. I'm the same way about my boys.

If the focus were on Kaidoh-buchou and the other boys that year, I think I'd have to fly to Japan to offer Konomi sexual favours.

khakjshaks *____*

Best news of, like, forever. Thank you so much for sharing that, Hal!! *___*

I know! I hope all our favourites get lots of page-time.

Hahaha, I think she secretly misses your tormenting, though she's thrilled to be able to commandeer your room again. And yay on the new PoT series!

Well, really, we spent all that time plotting against you. :)

we'z lovez u 2, Halbert.

Yay, welcome back Hal! We missed you!

Am I the only one who went asdjasdj over the Ippo's news?
They are continuing the series ♥ (brush up latest chapters)

I'm really looking forward to it! I have a lot of the manga to catch up on too.

OK, I added the torrents for the subbed Chinese drama episodes, thanks!

Prologue, what prologue? Some people talk with big words for small things, and other people use small words for HUGE things. I believe 42 volumes is a huge number for a prologue. I can't say I am excited about a possible continuation, as I am fan of stopping things in due time, specially when one is out of dialogue lines (maybe among the new assistants there are doujinkas too who'd help him with the MAIN plotlines? that'd be my only hope!)but we'll see first what's this November "treat" : )

Yay! I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the drama.

Yeah, "prologue" is just dumb. So we'll see. But I hope the November manga will be fun, anyhow.

I AM UNABASHEDLY EXCITED AS WELL!! Although a little bit confused as to how he can call the entire series as it stands a "prologue." OH, KONOMI . . .

With luck, it will be all about Kaidoh, you know, just like the Chinese drama is. HERE'S HOPING. *fingers crossed*

Konomi's going to beat this dead horse forever and I, for one, am glad to see it. :)

Oh, Kaidoh-buchou! ♥

They just need to do High School!Inui visiting Buchou!Kaidoh and my life will be complete. Not that there aren't plenty of doujinshis around with that scenario so... it can't be too far-fetched!

Oh, me too! I want to know their love will survive Inui graduating!

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