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You can call me Hal.

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Happy Birthday, Kest!
Many happy returns of the day to kestrelsan, who is pretty much the most excellent person on the planet. You rock in too many ways to fully list here, but here are a few:

* You are smart and thoughtful and well-spoken. You make me smarter when I'm talking with you.

* You are kind and generous and make me feel incredibly welcome whenever I visit.

* You love the fannish squee but you're not blinded by it.

* You always have something interesting and worthwhile to say.

* You listen to my blather and support me when I need it.

* You took me to see the RING OF FIRE OMG.

You are short of perfection in only two ways, so far as I can see: your insistance on living on the opposite side of the continent and your strange preference for MomoKai over InuKai.

I've been missing you ever since I left. ♥♥♥

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I possibly just got very teary reading this. *hugs you* I loved having you here and I really miss having you here. I think Patches is still wondering where you went *g*.

Also: YAY that the awesomeness of the RING OF FIRE is now known in two countries!

Also Thing 2: MOMOKAI 4EVA. But InuKai's pretty cool, too :D.

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