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You can call me Hal.

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Prince of Tennis tribute manga raw
The raw for Prince of Afterschool is up at Mangahelpers! There's a link to a partial translation as well. It's a super-cute gag manga that made me grin with glee. (OMG TEZUKA ♥) It sounds like it's serialized so there may be more later. I hope so!

The announcement about the new series in March was there as well, so that seems to be confirmed. :)

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Ahhhh, that sounds so adorable! I love the cover--THE MOMOKAI!! ♥__♥

Kaidoh's sweatdrop! Having two boyfriends at once must be stressful.

When did Tezuka become the hottest guy in the series?

I think you forgot the "after Kaidoh" there.

Right, yeah, that's what I said. When did Tezuka become the second-hottest guy in the series?


Did Tezuka age more while Ryoma went the opposite? IS THIS POSSIBLE?

That you even have to ask make me doubt that you've ever actually read or watched tenipuri. Admit it, you've been faking it!

It's just been so long! :(((

I just don't know what I'm going to do when one day, I wake up and see that Tezuka is immortal and Ryoma is a fetus.

eeee! They're all so adorable. What's with Ryoma's flirty hip tilt? How long do you give Kaidoh before he punches Momo? (lovingly, of course.) And I will brave your wrath and say that Tezuka really IS the hottest guy in that picture, because wow. And I want his glasses *g*.

Ryoma is a jailbait cocktease, frankly.

Tezuka is hot, it's true. It's one of his special powers.

I would be more impressed if it was InuKai.

You are hard to impress.

Oh my god, the MomoKai! INUI FLEXING WITH HIS CALCULATOR!! This is seriously ADORABLE. Can't wait to get home and read it! *____*

They are all far, far too sweet and charming!

It's sort of Kodaka Kazuma-ish, isn't it? Especially Tezuka and Eiji. Someone's been reading too many doujinshi!

Yeah, a bit! Which isn't a bad thing, imo. :) The whole issue was like doujinshi, frankly.

It looks so wacky! Hot damn, Tezuka! And, oh, Kaidoh's little disgruntled face.

Wacky and awesome! Kaidoh is always the crankiest and cutest. :)

*_* New Prince of Tennis! I'm just in the mood for it too.

Has Tezuka's nose always looked like that? Or did he have a nose job that went wrong? ^^;;

The whole story about his shoulder was just a cover for the cosmetic surgery, I guess.

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