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My flist is full of casting spoilers and the new season doesn't start until January!

Hahaha *imagines everyone putting stuff like that under a cut*

Somewhere in fandom, someone is crazy enough to actually want that.

AHHHHHHH laughing so hard


Even if you were my first cousin!

Truly, yours has been the best comment.

I fail at serious commentary.

This is the best election post on my flist.

♥ back atcha.

I think we must be going by the Doctor Who rule - if the casting spoiler is on the front page of major mainstream newspapers, we're good to go. At least, that's the excuse I heard last week!

I wonder if anyone thought I *was* talking about DW.

(Deleted comment)
I ♥ you too!

Hey, I thought you'd made a post, a few years ago, about Obama being president but I couldn't find it skimming though your archives. Am I misremembering? I thought about it often during the campaign season.

I'm so glad I know you :D.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts tonight!

Well that was definitely a statement of WIN. Will you like the key to the internets? ;)

Does it come with a really cool keychain?

Hee~! You're too cute.

I know, I was spoiled before I even had a chance to remotely anticipate.(seriously guys, ever heard of LJ cut?? XDDD)

*love you*

I know, right? I was all, hey, I taped this to watch later, bitches!


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