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All the boys who called their mothers on that day

» Breaking down and downloading Merlin.

» I have actually outlined my santa_smex fic after what was probably the most angst and whining ever over a story. And I even have a plan B if the first story tanks. Now I just have to, you know, write it.

» I may have been rewatching the subbed episodes of the PoT Chinese drama yet again and I've been thinking the main reason Hai Tang (Kaidoh) is so upset about Long Ma (Ryoma) joining the team is that up until now Hai Tang has been the indulged problem child of the team, with everyone paying constant attention to him to try to keep him out of trouble. And now here's a younger, more troublesome child who's better at tennis into the bargain. No doubt he's scared that Daddy Guo Guang (Tezuka) isn't going to love him any more. Personally, I don't think Daddy will ever stop loving Hai Tang, but it does explain a lot.

Seriously, I'm always surprised by the latitutde Guo Guang gives Hai Tang before he yanks him back. (With love, of course.) And even if Daddy is busy with other things, Zhen Zhi (Inui) will always be there for Hai Tang. With his sad, pretty eyes. No wonder I'm having so much trouble with my smex story -- all I can think about is their love triangle.

» In our PoT anime re-watch, the Boy and I are up to the training camp, which has so much cute stuff. Even the bear episode is now just amusing to me. I'd completely forgotten that it was Kaidoh who suggested they use their special moves against the bear. Damn, that was so cute. Also, I think Inui is paying way too much attention to training because he has completely failed to notice how much attention Momo is paying to Kaidoh. Another of my beloved triangles. ♥

» You all are ♥.
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