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You can call me Hal.

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Oh Ontario! Oh Jennifer Jason Leigh!
Migraine headache + eyes dialated + opthalmologist shining really bright lights in eyes = a world of no.

But I'm mostly better now. And everything in my eyes was fine.

Cool stuff:

* 88% dark chocolate.

* Merlin! Still so slashy-trashy cool! Shipping Morgana/Gwen, but also me/Gwen and Uther/Morgana. Oh, and the boys, obvs.

* Japanese schoolgirl to play pro baseball. Not manga, I swear.

* Actual progress on my santa_smex fic! There may yet be a spree killing of some sort before this is over, but I will be done on time.

* Vampires in love:

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(Deleted comment)
That's so helpful, thank you. :D

She's a knuckleballer! LOVE! And of course it's nothing close to the majors (we've had a few women in indy leagues over here too), but a tiny Japanese schoolgirl pitcher is still awesome.

aw. Spike/Dru is absolute love. I really should re-watch S2. Maybe that can be my post crazy day refuge.

I am not so big on Gwen - she is probably the biggest disappointment in the show for me as I cannot wrap my mind around how they are going to work her even slightly into what her character should be. I do like the oddness of Uther/MOrgana though.

I don't think I'll ever be over Spike & Dru. They were perfect.

I'm not too worried about the future; I love her just as she is now. And by "oddness" do you mean "delicious wrongness"?

yes, that would be exactly what I mean. :)

Hey,reality is getting better and better for girls, it seems. And only 16!

Ooooh cool! One tiny Japanese girl pwning everyone else. :D (But aren't women restricted to women's leagues? *lack knowledge of sports.)

I find Morgana a lot more compelling than Gwen, actually. She's hotter than Keira Knightley, which helps. So you noticed the Uther/Morgana vibes too? I thought my brain needed its annual scrub with lye, but thank you for reassuring me. Do you get Merlin/Morgana vibes too?

The boys just need to start snogging, seriously, my H/D sensors can't take more of this UST. (Can't wait till Sat!!)

I love Morgana too, just I love Gwen best. Merlin/Morgana vibes, yes. Hell, Gaius/Morgana vibes. There are a lot of vibes on this show.

Gwen should win something for 'Most Awkward Dialogue' or something. I laugh myself silly whenever she does one of her 'Um, not that I meant to say, but it's just that-' phrasings. :D

* Japanese schoolgirl to play pro baseball. Not manga, I swear.


Spike-Dru FTW! Oh, they will always be my Buffyverse OTP. ♥

Sorry about the migraine + eyepokery combination. That's no good at all.

Me too, they are forever lovely.

It was pretty awful! But after I got home, I took a sit-up nap with a sleep mask and that made everything better.

Wow, you can sleep sitting up? Is there nothing you can't do???

Well, in my recliner. Which isn't bolt-upright but is a lot better for my head than flat in bed. God, I love this chair.

Japanese schoolgirl to play pro baseball. FTMFWIN.

Sorry 'bout the awful migraine/dilated pupils combination. Must have sucked.

Chocolate in any percentage is da shit.

Fragmented comment is fragmented.

I like you better than robots. ♥

Hee! Your fragmented comment is love. ♥

♥ x 9999999999999999999999999999

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