Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Oh Ontario! Oh Jennifer Jason Leigh!

Migraine headache + eyes dialated + opthalmologist shining really bright lights in eyes = a world of no.

But I'm mostly better now. And everything in my eyes was fine.

Cool stuff:

* 88% dark chocolate.

* Merlin! Still so slashy-trashy cool! Shipping Morgana/Gwen, but also me/Gwen and Uther/Morgana. Oh, and the boys, obvs.

* Japanese schoolgirl to play pro baseball. Not manga, I swear.

* Actual progress on my santa_smex fic! There may yet be a spree killing of some sort before this is over, but I will be done on time.

* Vampires in love:

Tags: i like robots better than you
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