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You can call me Hal.

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Still my OTP; self-denial; breakfast
inukai away
* disutansu is once again hosting the bi-annual PIKL day: Promoting InuKai Love. If you love them, go post anything and everything to do with InuKai. I didn't have time to write a proper story, since I'm still working on my smex story, but I did mange a Zhen Zhi/Hai Tang drabble for it.

* I am denying myself the new SPN & Merlin eps until my santa_smex fic is done and submitted. Woe!

* Speaking of which, it's amazing how just changing the tense can make a story feel completely different. But there should be an automatic function in my text editor to do that.

* Which do you think makes a better breakfast: chocolate or butter?

* ♥ you all.

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Which do you think makes a better breakfast: chocolate or butter?

That's definitely the most difficult question in the world.
Depends if the chocolate is nutella, and on what you spread it on, I guess...

Either dark chocolate eaten straight or butter eaten straight. :) I eventually ate neither, though.

butter. definietly butter.

That was my conclusion.

MERLIN!!! I am dying of suspense over here, admire your fortitude. (Where do people get their episodes? I watch on BBC, but having a hard copy on disc would be nice.)

Chocolate. Without question.

Awww, love you too! ♥

I torrent them. I don't know if there's a download comm for it.

Chocolate is always a good choice. :)

(and a little chocolate as a closure)

obviously, an awesome idea

Chocolate is the answer to every "which is better" question, in my humble opinion.

Sigh, Smex. We are going to feel much better soon, but until then I'm so anxious!!

I fall on the butter side, but, damn, it a hard decision!

God, yes. Once I got out of university, I thought I'd never have that "essay due in 48 hours panic panic" feeling again. Ha!

Butter I do enjoy, but it doesn't make me quite so . . . weak in the knees, you could say. ;)

Hahaha, definitely. And what's worse is that I actually CARE about smex. If this were just an essay, I could mash it out and not even give it more than a once-over, but sadly, fics take betaing and rewriting and loving care!

I'm more at the point now where I don't care if it sucks, so long as it's DONE. But taking a tiny InuKai break helped my mood immensely. I hope it cheered you up too!

That's kind of the point I'm at re: college. Sad that I care more about fanfiction at the moment . . .

It definitely did. :) As they are wont to do! ♥

Thank you for this! ^______^ I think everyone went for your awesome fic though. *hee hee*

I'm hoping more people get interested in the drama!

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