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You can call me Hal.

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tezuryo net
* I finally updated my Prince of Tennis fanfic index. Now I just have to get my ass in gear and finish my website update/makeover.

* So, Merlin 1x10. That was, like, the second-slashiest thing I've ever seen. (The first slashiest was in a sports anime.) Are they doing that on purpose? Is there any way they could have stuffed more slash into that episode? I'm still reeling.

* We're up to the Kantou finals in our Prince of Tennis re-watch and I just love the OP so much. It starts out with the most amazing Tezuka/Ryoma scene: light music is playing, Ryoma slowly steps out onto a tennis court, the stands are empty, there's no opponent, just Tezuka, on the bench, watching him. Clearly, it's a dream. But is it Ryoma's dream or Tezuka's?

* I am looking at all my WIPs and all my ideas, trying to decide what to work on next. How do you decide? Should I put them in a hat and pick one randomly? Or see if the answer comes to me in a dream?

* I can already feel the internet slowing down in preparation for American Thanksgiving. The rest of us should have an online mini-con or something so we don't die from lack of stimulation when there are no new LJ posts to read. Or I could just re-watch Slam Dunk.

* I feel like making demands but I already have everything I need. It's very frustrating.

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(Deleted comment)
Completely amazing! Merlin's mother, oh my god. That was just like when Yuuri's mother met Wolfram, except that there was no actual discussion about wedding dresses.

I promise, I post more around Thanksgiving. *g*

Merlin: Yes, slashiest show ever. I think I'm in love.

It's so cheerfully anachronistic too. And, of course, ASH. So much to love!

Oh, I love that opening scene. In my head I always imagined that there was this perfect, eternal place where they all stayed friends and played tennis forever and ever, and that scene always fit into that scenario. They just play tennis and nothing else matters. ♥

I like the hat idea. I want to do that too. I have way too many WIPs that I need to finish.

I really like that scenario. It sounds so sweet. Aw, boys! :)

The worst is when I keep opening four or five and try to work on them all at once. Nothing gets done!

Re: the Merlin/Arthur ARESOFUCKINGINLOVESHOW, the answer is yes, they actually are.

I've always loved the beginning of that OP.

It's so lovely. Sometimes they cut it for something else and then I'm sad.

I must admit that I sort of stopped watching the op. I am a bad fan with little paitence and the subs were taking way way to long.

episode 10 was love.. but did you see???? Unicorn. :/

I sometimes skip when I'm on my own, but when we're watching together, we always watch the credits for every show.

I did. It looked sad. :(

Yes, they are doing it on purpose, actually. I think both the director and the two leads commented on it somewhere.

They say things like, 'It is a very intense relationship. All epic tales have some elements of homoeroticism to them..." and Bradley James says he and Colin Morgan discussed on how to act out that aspect and everything. I think the fangirling could be heard across the channel.

(I capslocked a lot after seeing 1.10. But seriously, the dragon, Uther and now Merlin's mum are totally okay with their relationship, plus I will never forget the footsie moments and that rooftop. OMG. I feel another capslocky phase coming on.)

I've uploaded a cap of the article here.

This episode! The article! The show! The feet! It's all so wonderful my head is going to explode.

* I feel like making demands but I already have everything I need. It's very frustrating. God, I love your problems XDD

I vote for the ideas-in-a-hat thing.

I wish I could prove you wrong and post on Thanksgiving but my sister decided to come over at the last minute and so I'll be caught up in the festivities too D:

I did consider the hat but one idea did get stuck in my head so I'm trying to work it out now. :)

I hope the festivities turn out all right!

ooohhh I always end up enjoying it somehow when ideas get stuck in that head of yours.

They were fine. Turkey was had, beer was guzzled enjoyed responsibly. XD

I am looking at all my WIPs and all my ideas, trying to decide what to work on next. God, that's always so friggen hard. I can just never decide! And I feel like I always have SO MANY that want to be written. :/

I am totally contributing to the Thanksgiving LJ neglect! I apologize. But I'm also being really well-fed for this entire week so I can't really feel bad about it.

I'm down to two choices now, so whichever one works itself out in my head first, I guess. :)

Enjoy your well-fed-ness!

I'm sure either one will be awesome! :)

Thank you, I will. :9

Work on each one for 5 or 10 minutes and see which compels you to write it most? ^_^

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