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* I finally updated my Prince of Tennis fanfic index. Now I just have to get my ass in gear and finish my website update/makeover.

* So, Merlin 1x10. That was, like, the second-slashiest thing I've ever seen. (The first slashiest was in a sports anime.) Are they doing that on purpose? Is there any way they could have stuffed more slash into that episode? I'm still reeling.

* We're up to the Kantou finals in our Prince of Tennis re-watch and I just love the OP so much. It starts out with the most amazing Tezuka/Ryoma scene: light music is playing, Ryoma slowly steps out onto a tennis court, the stands are empty, there's no opponent, just Tezuka, on the bench, watching him. Clearly, it's a dream. But is it Ryoma's dream or Tezuka's?

* I am looking at all my WIPs and all my ideas, trying to decide what to work on next. How do you decide? Should I put them in a hat and pick one randomly? Or see if the answer comes to me in a dream?

* I can already feel the internet slowing down in preparation for American Thanksgiving. The rest of us should have an online mini-con or something so we don't die from lack of stimulation when there are no new LJ posts to read. Or I could just re-watch Slam Dunk.

* I feel like making demands but I already have everything I need. It's very frustrating.
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