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It's not the hanging that I mind, it's the laying in the grave so long.

# It's that time of year again, when I can't tell if it's 7AM or 11AM or 3PM beause the sky is the same #ccc the whole day. I'm in hibernation mode; I never want to go out at night and even though I still wake up fairly early, making the leap from recliner to work is difficult. I am an atheist the rest of the year, but in December, I worship the sun, begging it to return.

# The ANN entry for Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger lists several returning VAs, including my only love much-admired Kiyasu Kohei. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, in case that's just speculation, but, oh. Ippo is my very favourite of Kiyasu's roles, even more favourite than Kaidoh. If he's really not back, I'm not sure I'll be able to watch. (I don't see Sendoh listed at all in the credits, but I'm sending out atheistic waves of hope that he'll be back and that he'll be played by Onosaka again. Dear God Carl, when those two play opposite each other!)

# santa_smex has started posting! If you are Prince of Tennis-inclined, check it out!

# Writing Question: Do you usually put sub-plots or sub-threads into the stories you write? If so, what's your usual method of generating them? What do you try to accomplish with sub-plots or sub-threads? I do try to add them whenever I can, even if it's only a thread. I try to find something that mirrors the main theme of the story but is expressed differently. In a short story, I might just add a sub-thread or motif for interest and to tie the scenes together, even if it's not thematic. (Like that one InuKai story where Kaidoh keeps noticing the scabs on Inui's hand and how the healing of them progesses.)

# Reading Question: Do you like sub-plots or sub-threads in the stories you read? What do you think makes a good sub-plot? Or a bad one? I do like sub-plots, so long as they are related to the main plot. Especially if they involve Horio.

# Fuck you, Canadian federal politics. Just...aaargh. There is no good solution to this.
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