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You can call me Hal.

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It's not the hanging that I mind, it's the laying in the grave so long.
# It's that time of year again, when I can't tell if it's 7AM or 11AM or 3PM beause the sky is the same #ccc the whole day. I'm in hibernation mode; I never want to go out at night and even though I still wake up fairly early, making the leap from recliner to work is difficult. I am an atheist the rest of the year, but in December, I worship the sun, begging it to return.

# The ANN entry for Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger lists several returning VAs, including my only love much-admired Kiyasu Kohei. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, in case that's just speculation, but, oh. Ippo is my very favourite of Kiyasu's roles, even more favourite than Kaidoh. If he's really not back, I'm not sure I'll be able to watch. (I don't see Sendoh listed at all in the credits, but I'm sending out atheistic waves of hope that he'll be back and that he'll be played by Onosaka again. Dear God Carl, when those two play opposite each other!)

# santa_smex has started posting! If you are Prince of Tennis-inclined, check it out!

# Writing Question: Do you usually put sub-plots or sub-threads into the stories you write? If so, what's your usual method of generating them? What do you try to accomplish with sub-plots or sub-threads? I do try to add them whenever I can, even if it's only a thread. I try to find something that mirrors the main theme of the story but is expressed differently. In a short story, I might just add a sub-thread or motif for interest and to tie the scenes together, even if it's not thematic. (Like that one InuKai story where Kaidoh keeps noticing the scabs on Inui's hand and how the healing of them progesses.)

# Reading Question: Do you like sub-plots or sub-threads in the stories you read? What do you think makes a good sub-plot? Or a bad one? I do like sub-plots, so long as they are related to the main plot. Especially if they involve Horio.

# Fuck you, Canadian federal politics. Just...aaargh. There is no good solution to this.

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Is that a BOXING series? My goodness, Kaidoh boxing is one of my biggest AU kinks.

I sometimes try to put in sub-plots, although whether I'm successful or not is completely questionable. I think usually if there's a sub-plotty thing in my fic it's more like . . . backstory than anything. But I definitely like reading them in other people's fic! Sometimes the subplots are my favorite parts. :)

Ippo and Sendoh. Best. Rivals. EVER.

There are way too many sports series I could try to pimp you into; I should probably just take one at a time. :D

I've noticed that sometimes the sub-plot/thread figures more in the comments than the main plot does!

Hahahaha! Awww, adorable. But you're probably right; one at a time! Boxing will just have to come after basketball.

I notice that too sometimes! Maybe the simpler, more understated story is sometimes the best one.

Def start with the basketball. I should be able to upload some of it for you at the weekend. And if you email me your address, I'm happy to burn and mail. Anything to spread the Slam Dunk love!

I've been having Eyeshield 21 pimped at me lately too (which I like a lot so far!), so yes, between those two, I think I'm set for the timebeing.

Thanks so much! Are you just your username at gmail?

ES21 is also freaking fantastic. Well, the manga is. I found the anime kind of lacking. I'm behind in my reading, though, cause I need to get a bigger monitor.


Ahh, and your icon is my favorite character!! (So far. I really haven't read that much.) I haven't seen any of the anime yet, but yeah, I think the manga is really good. :)

Emailing! ♥

Ooh, I have a Shin/Sena dj somewhere on my many hard drives that is probably the most freaking adorable thing in the history of the universe. I'll try to hunt it out for you.

Shin was my favourite until [even more awesome character] showed up. But it's still a close thing.


I think he's very Kaidoh-like. You and I must have a type. And I'll have to keep reading so I can meet this character! Someday, I will have time for nothing but fandom.


It's in two parts. You'll probably need to uzip it to get the files in the right order. And there's a bit of Takami/Sakuraba on the side!

We really must. Actually, in the anime, Shin is voiced by Goumoto Naoya who was the first tenimyu Kaidoh. So it's all connected somehow.

And I think when you meet that character, you will know. Most people seem to have the same reaction. :) Don't click my es21 tag or you'll see mine.

Ahhh, thank you so much!! :)))

I love when my obsessions are cyclical like that.

I will keep that in mind. And someday, when I hopefully get there, I will let you know!

I sometimes end up with sub plots or threads but I never start out planning them. But then, the way I write is to just sit and expel demons until I cannot write anymore. Then I shine it with a dust cloth and call it good.

I do not chage, alter or sharply edit unless it really really doesn't make sense.

I basically fail at "real" writing.

and in reading? I don't care one way or another so long as your writing it not like reading a 3rd graders book report.

Demons and dust cloths. That should be the title of your memoirs. :)

There are many ways to write. With longer pieces I try to take a more mechanical approach, but smaller ones are more loose.

I know this

and it would be an awesome title.

I have never written anything longer than 10,000 words - no patience and easily distracted by the ADD

I like your mechinal, and your loose, though.

I think I only ever wrote one thing longer than that. My writing is kind of dense, though, unless it's Momo POV, which that was. He likes to ramble.

You should write a memoir in free verse.

I thought of writing one on comment cards.

but then realized someone already had,.

I like sub-plots. In general, complexity makes me like something more, especially if all the threads wind up being tied to one another at the end.

Yeah, me too. :) I still want to have another go at a zipper story; the last one didn't work so well, I don't think.

Our politics are so :////

How to fix:

-Conservatives can stop giving dumb budgets
-Jack Layton can go back to Toronto and have Stephane knit him an orange scarf for xmas

I wouldn't want to be Michaëlle Jean right now. (Maybe if she smacked all of them upside the head?)

She could always say "Screw you guys!" and give the sceptre to Elizabeth May instead.

Still waiting for Dion's speech!

There is a good solution, but it would involve Stephen Harper in a hula skirt and frankly, I'm not sure I could survive that.

I don't think I could either, but probably for the opposite reason. :D

I actually think that subplots are sometimes necessary in a story with a larger cast. In one of my HP fics (Other Waters) I tried to weave two subplots into the main plot, because I didn't see how I could get to the target ship (Harry/Ron) without addressing the canonicity of Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny as well. I don't think I handled the subplots all that well, but they were in there.

My current writing project is SGA crackfic and it has a subplot because I like the phrase "Surprise polyamory!" more than I like coherent structure.

Yeah, I think you're right about the larger cast, especially with a longer story. And "surprise polyamory" sounds like a very good reason indeed!

I tried to do a subplot once. :| Didn't work too well.

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