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PoT Fic: Moves (MomoKai)

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Moves by Halrloprillalar / prillalar
Prince of Tennis, MomoKai, PG13, 600 words.
Past, future, karaoke.


Momo handed the microphone to Oishi and pushed his way to the back. As he passed, Eiji plucked at his sleeve. "Come on, Momo, one more song."

"Three in a row is enough." Momo drained his beer. His throat was dry and his forehead was damp. Nine people was about four too many for this booth, but it was the only one available.

Eiji pulled Echizen up with him instead. "You remember the moves, right, ochibi?" He bounced into the lyrics and choreography while Echizen muttered into the microphone.

Momo grinned. He put down his glass and eased his way between Fuji and Kaidoh and out of the room. The toilets were almost as crowded as the booth and Momo had to wait for a turn in front of the mirror.

He bumped into Kaidoh in the hall. "Oi," Momo said. Kaidoh was leaning at an angle, temple pressed against the wall, eyes almost shut. His hair was longer than Momo remembered, parted on the side and carefully styled. "It's been, what, two years? Since that live we saw with Taka-san."

"C'mon." Kaidoh lifted himself upright and headed away, catching Momo's wrist and pulling him along behind.

"Are we getting the next round?" Momo said. "After that, you're getting up there. You haven't sung one song all night." Kaidoh stumbled and Momo ran into him from behind, grabbing Kaidoh's shoulders to keep from falling.

Kaidoh stood still for a few seconds. Then he launched himself forward and Momo followed.

"Here." Kaidoh pushed through a door and they were outside in the alley, next to a dumpster and a cardboard box of empty bottles.

"Yeah, I could use some air." Momo felt in his pocket. "Only it's not so fresh right here. Let's go a little--"

Kaidoh put his hands on Momo's chest and threw his weight on him. Momo staggered and bumped against the wall. Kaidoh stepped in, a hands-width away, pushing Momo's back into the bricks. "Momoshiro," he said, beer-sour breath in Momo's face.

"Kaidoh?" Momo said. "Are you--" And Kaidoh put his wet mouth down on Momo's dry one.

Momo twisted against Kaidoh's hands. Kaidoh pushed harder, leaning heavy chest to chest and winding one arm around Momo's neck. The sensation rushed up through Momo's memory -- another alley, fifteen and desperate -- breaking the surface, impossible to forget.

One hand on Kaidoh's shoulder blades, the other sliding down, Momo kissed back and pushed back and shifted his body until his thigh was tight between Kaidoh's. Kaidoh's fingers scrabbled at Momo's waistband, hooking just inside, nails scraping on Momo's hipbone.

Then Kaidoh pulled back, breathing in heaves, eyes dark and glassy. Momo darted forward, licking Kaidoh's lips, smelling his neck and hair, twenty-two and desperate. "There's a place on the next block," he said. "Come on."

Kaidoh turned his head and vomited onto the ground. Momo put his arm around Kaidoh's shoulders and held Kaidoh's hair back as he spewed some more, then gagged on his empty throat.

"That's kind of insulting," Momo said and handed Kaidoh his handkerchief. Kaidoh wiped his mouth. His face was pale. "Are you okay?"

"There you are." The door banged open and Inui stepped into the alley.

"Fresh air," Momo said.

Inui smiled at Momo. "Thank you," he said. "He can't hold his liquor." He took Kaidoh's hand and pulled him out from under Momo's arm. "I'll take him home." Inui walked away, Kaidoh stumbling behind him, Momo's handkerchief crumpled in Kaidoh's hand.

Momo smoked two cigarettes before he went back in to karaoke.
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