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Reading, writing, and items of interest

Item: The upside of the whole political debacle was that The National, in their "man on the street"-type interviews, brought to my attention an artist who does paintings of hockey brawls. Only. In. Canada. I am totally updating my holiday wishlist to include one of those.

Item: Writing fic on my iPhone in a moving vehicle is difficult but less difficult than I imagined. And it's starting to auto-correct "Kaisoh" to "Kaidoh" now. ♥

Item: santa_smex, the Prince of Tennis holiday fic exchange, has been posting for a few days now. I'm not reading pairings that don't interest me, but I'm reading a bit more widely than I might usually. Stories I've enjoyed:

+ The day Ryoma came back and what happened next - Horio/Sakuno with Tomoka, Dan, Katsuo, Kachiro, and Ryoma.
The kids are all grown up at 20. I enjoyed seeing how they were all a bit different and all a bit the same. And, OMG, HORIO. ♥

+ Rules of Attraction - Atobe/Mizuki, Mizuki/Atsushi
I giggled throughout! Mizuki is just a ball of charming, scheming, frustrated fun. Fantastic dialogue!

+ What a Wonderful World - Ryoma/Kevin
Christmas in New York. Kevin was damn cute and Ryoma was nicely surly.

And there's been some Yagyuu/Niou and Atobe/Ryoma. If you're into that sort of thing. :D

Item: I realised the other day while we were re-watching the first Rikkai matches that the only reason I don't read Yagyuu/Niou is Niou's terrible, terrible hair. That's so shallow that I'm deeply ashamed. But I Just. Can't. Deal with the rat tail. Not at all. I mean, if Kaidoh grew a rat tail like that, I'd drop him too. (He'd be darling with a mullet, though.) So sad. :(

Item: What would you buy Kaidoh for Christmas?
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