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You can call me Hal.

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Reading, writing, and items of interest
horio is the smex

Item: The upside of the whole political debacle was that The National, in their "man on the street"-type interviews, brought to my attention an artist who does paintings of hockey brawls. Only. In. Canada. I am totally updating my holiday wishlist to include one of those.

Item: Writing fic on my iPhone in a moving vehicle is difficult but less difficult than I imagined. And it's starting to auto-correct "Kaisoh" to "Kaidoh" now. ♥

Item: santa_smex, the Prince of Tennis holiday fic exchange, has been posting for a few days now. I'm not reading pairings that don't interest me, but I'm reading a bit more widely than I might usually. Stories I've enjoyed:

+ The day Ryoma came back and what happened next - Horio/Sakuno with Tomoka, Dan, Katsuo, Kachiro, and Ryoma.
The kids are all grown up at 20. I enjoyed seeing how they were all a bit different and all a bit the same. And, OMG, HORIO. ♥

+ Rules of Attraction - Atobe/Mizuki, Mizuki/Atsushi
I giggled throughout! Mizuki is just a ball of charming, scheming, frustrated fun. Fantastic dialogue!

+ What a Wonderful World - Ryoma/Kevin
Christmas in New York. Kevin was damn cute and Ryoma was nicely surly.

And there's been some Yagyuu/Niou and Atobe/Ryoma. If you're into that sort of thing. :D

Item: I realised the other day while we were re-watching the first Rikkai matches that the only reason I don't read Yagyuu/Niou is Niou's terrible, terrible hair. That's so shallow that I'm deeply ashamed. But I Just. Can't. Deal with the rat tail. Not at all. I mean, if Kaidoh grew a rat tail like that, I'd drop him too. (He'd be darling with a mullet, though.) So sad. :(

Item: What would you buy Kaidoh for Christmas?

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He'd be darling with a mullet, though. Hmmm. I'm not sure I agree. Then again, I honestly can't think of a thing Kaidoh could do to make me find him NOT adorable!

I would buy him a kitten. :>

I'm pretty fond of mullets. :) Also, I would pretend that he's a hockey player in that case. There is no bad.

A grey stripey one?

It depends on the type of mullet for me, really. If it's like, a rocker David Bowie mullet, totally. But if it's the Joe Dirt sort, no thank you. My dad had one of those for long enough that I'd just prefer never look at one again. . . .

Or calico! Or maybe all black. :3

an artist who does paintings of hockey brawls

...I...might need to see those. In case my husband needs one for Christmas.

I wish I'd taken note of his name! Though I bet he hasn't any left now. Everyone in the country was probably watching the news that night.

it's hard not to answer: kitten or puppy. seriously :D I'm not gonna try to be origial.
I'd get him a German Shepherd puppy
and wish for the best

Ooh, that would be really cute!

and Kaidoh would be so happy
(and Momo would watch from the distance)

Kaidoh would take the dog training very seriously. And Momo would butt in and try to spoil him instead. :)

hehe, they would make such wounderful parents, why won't you let them!

yup. momo will be feeding the dog icecream and it would give Kaidoh an internal hemorrhage

Has it been long enough since the MomoKai cat story? I don't want people to think pet stories are all I write. :D

Poor Kaidoh, he tries so hard!

I'd buy him porn tapes. Labeled "Training Excercises 1-300".


OMG! That's seriously awesome.

He would hate me forever.

unless the actors somehow look like him and inui

I think he already hates all of us forever for what we make him do. :D

That would be a most excellant holiday gift.

and Horio?? I will never understand the love of the unibrow

I rather like Niou's hair.

So many things to read in 3 different fandoms. but I am banned from reading until I accomplish other things

which will not be accomplished right now as I was up too late, slept too little, and am now going to go nap and watch VK

It truly would.

I cannot explain it! He is just so darling to me.

I wish I did. But I cannot.

:( I'm just banned from watching Merlin til I get to a certain point. Which I'm far from but I've done a bit.

I am starting to believe that there is nothing better than sleep. Not even cheese.

*stalker/lurker, don't mind me*

I would buy him an iPod. I want one, and what goes around comes around.

But I Just. Can't. Deal with the rat tail

Sorry, that's too funny. I've had to draw a picture based on that.


Lurk or comment all you like; anything's fine here. :)

Maybe an iPhone but he only uses the iPod part, even though Inui keeps trying to get him set up with all sorts of apps.

You're teasing me with the picture! May I please see?

I will have to upload it properly when I can use the scanner at the library. Until then, here's a rather hazy picture I took. I'm not a great artist at the best of times, lol. The note on the table says "Dear Niou, it's over. I just can't deal with the RAT TAIL. Yagyuu xx"

Kaidoh is wonderful and deserves an iPhone ♥

That is hilarious and cute! I love Niou's drinking. :)

He really does.

It's almost Christmas here, and if I could, I would buy him some time with Inui-senpai. ^_^

I'm sure he'll get some anyway. ♥

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