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You can call me Hal.

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Merlin 1x12
Oh my ship! ♥

I'm kind of appalled that Gwen's father was actually killed, though! And sad. People shouldn't hurt my girlfriend like that.

Confidential to kestrelsan: Catch up soon!

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I thought of you when I saw that scene. and, well, with all the undertones of Morgana/Gwen going on through out.

Yes, lots of girlship too! Eventually I will make some icons, now that I have space to put them in.

I'm trying! I'm up to ep 7, so I likely will be caught up by Wednesday :D.

Yay! We'll have New Ship Fail time. :D

I just now noticed that I typed "fail" when I mean "flail". :D

Since I'm watching Merlin instead of writing, there's a bit of fail there for me at least *g*. But definitely more flail and squee :D.

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