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You can call me Hal.

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BSG Webisode: The Face of the Enemy 1

I imagine our chances of seeing him kiss Baltar are as remote as ever, but I'm glad to know that we were right after all.

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Yes, that was a pleasant lack of surprise!

P.S. -- I always expect you to use your "i like robots better than you" tag when you talk about BSG.

It hardly seemed worth cutting. :D

I'm very non-spoiler-phobic, so I clicked even despite having only recently finished the first season of BSG. And all I have to say is, YEEEEEEEEE. I knew it. C:

Now I'm starting to wonder if Baltar ever threw him a bone, as it were.

My friend who got me to watch it and I always thought so! It's not like Baltar to turn down sex when it's offered, I feel.

That is an excellent point!

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