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You can call me Hal.

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Reading, Watching, Coughing
inukai hands
I'm a bit behind on my santa_smex reading, due to some projects (some of which have names like Top Sekrit Project: Cough Up Phlegm), so I hope to catch up and post another round-up in a few days.

However! The story for me was posted today so I rushed to read it: The Spice of Life. It's InuKai and it's lovely and sweet and the boys are both entirely adorkable and there is cooking. I'm so pleased! ♥

On the watching front, Merlin reached new heights of slashiness, if you can even believe it. I'm so sad we have to wait for more. But happy that there will be more!

And I've been medicating my cold with Slam Dunk. Oh love, love, love all over again. My heart is overflowing with all the YoHana while my brain beavers away trying to think of how to get them together in some fic. I swear, Yohei doesn't even try to hide his love for Sakuragi. He's always gazing at him with this little smile. So tender.

If you're curious to dip into Slam Dunk or you've been thinking about re-watching, Saizen has recently started subbing from DVD source and they've released the first five episodes. The quality is great and they're mkv files so you can disable the subtitle track if you want to cap. Once you've watched that and gotten hooked, come see me for more. :)

Slam Dunk is king.

ETA: DoReMii released their sub Prince of Tennis Chinese drama Episode 5! EPISODE FIVE. Which I've watched raw, and raw with translation, and subbed, more than once. And will now watch again. :) The glory and beauty of the Guo Guang/Hai Tang/Zhen Zhi love triangle has to be seen to be believed.

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I am catching up with the fics little by little.

"Yohei doesn't even try to hide his love for Sakuragi. He's always gazing at him with this little smile."

Yes. YES.

Thanks for the heads up on the subs. They released eps. 4 and 5 at once! Yay! ::Off to download::

I hope you get well soon!

Thank you! I am getting better -- I'm looking forward to getting my voice back!

Yohei has made it his focus to support Hanamichi in basketball. He's just so wonderful; no wonder he's my favourite character.

The PoT subs have been coming at a good rate! I'm really looking forward to 6 because that one hasn't been subbed by anyone yet.

Episode 5 is out? *rushes to watch* YOU got me into Chinese!PoT back when I was stalking you via this journal

I would like to know why Fuji Yuuta still exists in the series though ...

I just finished watching it. It gets me every time. Oh, Zhen Zhi!

Because he's important to the plot?

I like Zhen Zhi, he is pretty.

True, but life can't have been easy for Chinese!Yuuta. After paying a friggen' huge fine that bankrupts some people, his family would not have got free education or health care for either of the kids. Perhaps that explains why he is so chippy?


I am putting a magazine article online at work about the University of Iowa men's basketball team in the 1940s and it makes me excited to watch Slam Dunk! :)

Yay! I hope I haven't hyped it so much that it won't live up to your expectations though.

I'm not too worried about that. I feel like my tastes run pretty similarly to yours in most things (or at least, most things sports-anime-wise!). :)

(Deleted comment)
YAY! It is, it really, really is.

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