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You can call me Hal.

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Cold enough for you? OR I'm alive, you're alive, that's good.
❆ My cold is nearly better but I have had no voice for eight days now. My life feels like it's full of secrets since I'm always whispering.

❆ Rewatching the Mitsui flashbacks in Slam Dunk: So that's what Okiayu sounds like when he tries to talk like a real junior high student.

❆ Also Slam Dunk: In his first year, Akagi wore #10, the same as Sakuragi does now. ♥ Their relationship is one of my favourite things about the series. (One of my many, many favourite things.)

❆ Rewatching the Visit Tezuka in Germany episodes in Prince of Tennis: Tezuka smiles, he laughs, he teases Ryoma. And he fantasizes about Sanada. ♥

❆ Watched the first episode of Leverage. Cheesy but so much fun. I do love me a good caper.

❆ I ate and drank so many of my favourite things today: coffee w/ whipping cream, meatloaf (fried!), cheddar & bacon omelette, blackberry crumble with whipped cream, chocolate, almonds, more cheddar.

❆ I've often had dreams where I was lost in a city or town and didn't know how to get back to where I was supposed to be. Recently, I've been having dreams where I'm lost in a city or town but that's okay because I have my iPhone so I can easily find my way. Oh my darling iPhone! You make even my dreams better.

If I were Inui, who would you be?

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I wish I had a magical space-age gadget that would rescue me from my nightmares!

::employs Mac-related icon::

They really DO solve all your problems. :)

whoops, read your question wrong! *needs more sleep* *deletes*

mm...blackberry crumble with whipped cream sounds yummy~!

At this time of year, we all need more sleep. :)

Oh, it was!

You gave me your cold again. *sniffle sniffle* It could be the fact that I have been coming down sick for days and the walk home in the cold with no mittens or hat cinched it, but I prefer to continue blaming you and Kim.

and you know I don't watch this show.
mmmmm. food. I had soup and a veggie burger in the nuclear.


You are just being paranoid. But you should get some mittens and more soup to avoid more sickness.

What's the nuclear?

Momo would be a good person to be.

I'd be... Arai! (Please don't make me drink the juice again, I promise I'll behave, senpai!)

Hee! Poor Arai -- he'll get his chance to shine eventually.

❆ If I were Inui, who would you be?

Atobe ^O^

That would be fun, indeed!

If I were Inui, who would you be?


Oishi, probably. Though I'd wish I were Atobe. And I'd be in the closet. And miserable. And on Xanax.

Aw. :) Oishi really is the sweetest one of all.

I hope you feel completely better soon! Long-lasting colds are the worst.

I am on chapter 22 of Slam Dunk! I feel relatively accomplished considering that I've only been on break for a day.

Hmmm. Is saying "Kaidoh" cheating? Probably Momo, if I'm being honest.

Slam Dunk is addictive! And the art gets amazing after a while.

There's no way to cheat. :)

What kind of cheddar? Last week, I bought this special old cheddar from a local shop and was reminded of you. :)

Re: Could I be Sanada?

Sanada is love.

It was a smoked cheddar, not too fancy though. I need to get some special cheese before the holidays so I can just settle in and nibble.

My life feels like it's full of secrets since I'm always whispering.

:D good one.

and also: GOOD FOOD.

If I were Inui, who would you be?

then, I'd obviously be the kiss that he holds in the right corner of his mouth

I'd obviously be the kiss that he holds in the right corner of his mouth

You win best answer OMG!

Not to make everything about slash, but to make everything about slash... I wish there'd be more Akagi and Sakuragi slash/yaoi whatevs. And by more I mean, any anywhere.

If you were Inui, sadly I'd be one of those girls by the fence! Or more likely, one of those girls in his math class that respects his smarts and thinks he should ditch tennis for my roleplaying/mathlete/etc club. Of course, he never does.

Does Akagi ever get any slash love? I went to ff.n to look for some but got sidetracked with Slam Dunk brothel fic.

Aw! You know, Inui really should be a mathlete. I don't see why he can't do both. Hmm.

Sorry for the totally beyond random comment, but do you happen to remember what episode it was where this took place?

Butterpoofs is never random. :D That is the S11 episode: Cartman Sucks.

Truly, that was some classic TV right there.

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